Everything You Need to Know about Protecting Your Pet’s Heart

We may agree to disagree but the facts remain that animals do suffer from heart diseases too. Our furry pals can develop some of the other health diseases in their lifetime. But how can one keep their heart health in a good shape? Let’s learn about it here.

How heart disease develops

Just like us, our animal companions too can develop heart problems. A few pets inherit these heart diseases since birth, meaning there is no permanent solution to their ailment. In cases like this, a pet can still live a long, healthy and happy life with proper vet care and routine check-ups. Other heart associated conditions that are prevalent with pets are; age-related conditions like congestive heart failure or other health conditions like overactive thyroid. These conditions should be diagnosed and properly managed by your vet. One should be proactive in taking all measures required to look after the health of their pet.

Be proactive

Don’t we want to do anything that it takes to keep the heart of our beloved pets’ healthy? But at times, despite all our efforts, we miss the signs and before we know, they are midway through an extensive treatment. Thus, take preventive measures. Monitor your pet’s weight. A fat and heavy animal will have more than the needed quantity of fat accumulated around his heart. It can put more strain on the heart, resulting in its irregular working. Keep your pets on the lean side.

Exercise your pet regularly

We often are advised to keep a check on our diet and workout on regular basis. Our four-legged companion is no different than us. They too need regular exercise and a healthy diet to keep their heart muscle strong. Having a dog gives you an added advantage as he usually needs to go outside. Make most out of it by turning these outdoor visits into a long walk. Indulge in occasional off-leash exercises in a safe place; it will help your dog burn that extra calorie.

Feed pets a healthy diet

One should be very careful when choosing food for their pets. It is advisable to look for locally sourced ingredient while purchasing food for cats and dog. Avoid in particular the byproducts of meat, poultry, or grain of any sort. When buying cat food, avoid food that has flour, corn or wheat listed as the ingredient. Make sure the food contains taurine. Veterinarians at animal hospital Virginia Beach and elsewhere suggest pet owners feed their pets’ whole food or raw diet. The raw diet has a substantial amount of live enzymes and amino acid. They are good building blocks for a healthy life of pets and help prevent diseases.

Dental health

One way suggested by veterinarians in Virginia Beach to maintain a good health of pet’s heart is keeping their dental hygiene in check. And there is actually a logical reason behind it. Plaque infected teeth are home to harmful bacteria. If it is not treated in time, they may travel to our pet’s heart valves through the bloodstream, leading to life-threatening problems. Although one should never miss the routine dental cleaning sessions, it is advisable to brush your pet’s teeth at home daily.