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Specspost Screenshot Men's Glasses

   Long time readers of the Totality will know of my fondness for Specspost, the online glasses retailer. Due to my shortsightedness, and thus reliance on spectacles, they're the only fashion brand who I wear literally every day.

   Recently too, I've been featured sporting Nile Havana eye wear on the homepage of their website - a more braggadocios man than myself would add "male model" to their CV (to accompany my credits as an extra in an Oscar Award winning film and my performance as a male chorister on  a Pitchfork lauded album; truly, my life has been one of variety).

   Rather fantastically, Specpost have launched a post-Christmas sale so it's possible to pick up some of their fantastic ranges (including their rather chic prescription geek glasses, prescription sunglasses and petite glasses) whilst they're still in stock.

   Here's some of my favourite items from their sale:


Charlie Brown Glasses - £24 / Black Geek Glasses - £15"Ocean Dreams" Two Tone Glasses - £29.99  


Alfie Brown Sunglasses - £25  /  "Arley" Sunglasses - £24.99 / Buddy Prescription Sunglasses - £23.99


Leonard - £14.99 /  Abi Alton Style Glasses - £14 / Aston Converse Style Geek Glasses - £25.99

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