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Back after a short sabbatical - this site focuses on film, fashion and men's interest items - anything modern gents may find appealing can be found here.

From crisps to football, foreign movies to footwear, and fine (or not so fine) dining - I aim to cover a diverse range of items and to fill as many posts as possible with obscure references likely to be enjoyed by very few.

Please note that, since launching the blog, I've adopted a vegan lifestyle which means I not won't publish any new posts featuring animal products. Whilst I won't remove my old articles (featuring leather, wool or similar), I won't be accepting submissions for food, clothes or other in which animals have been harmed or mistreated in the making of.

If you have a film you would like me to review, fashion you'd like me to check out or any other feedback - I'd be thrilled to hear from you.

If you're a brand: I've previously worked with companies such as Clarks, Hugo Boss, Showcase, Dogwoof, Debenhams, Alexander & James, Zavvi amongst many, many more - I would be delighted to hear of any collaborative opportunities you may have available. I'm based in Yorkshire but happy to hear of events elsewhere too!

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