Interview: Catja of the Knitting Couple

   In Part One of my chat with the Knitting Couple I spoke to Oliver about being a male knitter and, in this post, Catja tells us a little bit more about her knitting dreams. To purchase any handmade knitwear (examples of which illustrate this post) or sponsor the Knitting Couple please do not hesitate to contact them at

   Quitting any job and starting up a new business, to pursue one's dreams, is particularly brave in the current global economic situation – anyone who does so has my respect and well wishes! What inspired the decision to quit your hospital internship and a career in medicine to pursue knitting?

   Thank you Kieron, It was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made and looking back on it I am happier than where I was when I was studying medicine. To put it differently I think medicine was a hobby that interested me learning about the human body, but as the years went on I couldn't see myself becoming a doctor. My mother taught me to knit when I was 6 and in 2010 I took a year off my study to live with my Kiwi boyfriend in New Zealand. I had not knitted in 17 years when I saw his mum & sister huddled on the couch making different things. I had always wanted to do something creative within the arts & crafts field, so I joined them on the couch to re-learn and I was surprised at how fast I remembered. The inspiration came when I returned to the Netherlands and I reflected on how good I felt in NZ to be making handmade knitted products for people and enjoying the positive feedback. To this day I am still learning and trying to focus on turning it into a full time business.

   Knitting has previously been something that has been heavily associated with older women. Do you expect this idea to change soon and be embraced by a younger generation? 

   Yes, I have noticed this trend from working in a wool shop in Delft (Netherlands) for the last 9 months. What people wear is dictated by the fashion you see in the shop windows and right now knitted scarf's, cardigans & jumper's are in. On top of that I think the younger generation are more interested in being able to create their own look and this can be achieved by learning how to knit your own clothes. Who said knitting is only for our grandma's :)

   Do you think knitting will ever be considered cool?

   Probably not. But I'm only 24 and I like to think I am fashionable and cool and hope that other people who knit are thinking that as well. I also think that we shouldn't care too much about what other's think. If it's your hobby, be proud of it and be happy with what you create. Maybe one day though.....hehe

   As well as knitwear, I believe, you are looking to develop knitting to be used as home-ware accessories - could you give me a bit more information on this idea and the plans you intend to develop?

   Yes thats right, I have been making knitted stools, lampshades, baskets, pillows & blankets plus thinking of more designs and different ways of integrating knitting into everyday home-ware accessories. When making these products I'm not only using wool but other types of textile's. For example you will see a basket I've made using a type of fabric that when crochet together, is strong enough to stand up right and be used as a fruit bowl. My plans for the future are experimenting with other materials, like rope, metal and even integrating wool with small amounts of concrete that once set will also enable it to stand upright. It sounds different & unconventional but I have a goal of exploring other techniques using wool.

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