Prescription Sunglasses

   One of my favourite things in the entire world is seeing. Be it the first smile of an infant, oncoming and speeding automobiles or Lucy Liu , I like to be able to see things.

   I have two major stumbling blocks which hinder my ability to focus clearly though - my eyes. They seem to have a real problem with doing what they are told (in the same way a drunken man can not makes his legs work no matter how hard he desires, I simply can not make my eyes do what I want).

   Whilst I understand that my vision, which is significantly less than 20/20, can be assisted with prescription glasses (and thus I wear a pair from rise until bed), one of my main problems I have with my eyes is how they react to the sun. Whilst many people will biologically involuntarily squint or screw up their eyes when looking directly at a source of light, I have a pair of eyelids which decide to shut (against my will) whenever there is a bright sun in the sky, regardless of which way I'm facing. (Even if a big burning ball is directly behind me and millions of miles away, not at all in my line of vision, my eyes will somehow KNOW and trying and close without my say so. It's incredibly annoying.) Spectacles can only help me see at all if my eyes co-operate by staying open which, on bright days, they will not always do.

   Thankfully Specspost, who also provided me with my day to day glasses which I use for everything from working to watching films, have very kindly sent me a pair of prescription sunglasses which have made surviving during the summer a real possibility now. Sporting them is wonderful - they provide a filter from lightness which may otherwise hinder my vision and also combat my short-sightedness too!

   In the photo below I'm sporting the pair I was sent at Bolton Abbey. I'm posing with a little fellow called Harry who I've not posted before on my blog as I'm scared he'll show me up as he's infinitely more stylish than I am. I take solace in the fact I'm better than him at Cars Monopoloy though. If we ever were to play that in the garden I could probably win now on account of being able to see outside. Thanks Specspost!

* These glasses were kindly provided to me by Specspost

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