Film Review: The Bluff

   The Bluff is a Korean movie which features a bold and potentially intriguing premise - four men gather for an evening of drinks; talk quickly turns to sex, with each of the companions trying to one-up one another with increasingly lurid, not to mention, graphic stories about their own sexual adventures. If the intention was there, a skilled writer and director could have used this premise to wring out some uncomfortable truths of contemporary manhood - innate insecurities and the crisis of masculinity could have been illuminated in an in depth and intelligent way. Instead Kong Ja-kwan, a director whose oeuvre boasts titles such as The Sex Film, uses the set up to interlink four separate, and ridiculous, soft porn vignettes - their tone ranges from misogynistic through to silly.

    The four tales are told in flashback form as the men regale them for their friends - respectively, they include sleeping with an idol met at a karaoke booth, a politician, a virgin ghost and a shape shifting alien (who, at the whim of her partner can change into any person imaginable from Suzy through to Amanda Seyfried or even all nine members of Girls' Generation). The women in each of the stories are portrayed, as I'm informed by Han Cinema , by actual porn-stars and are there solely to remove their clothes and have things done to them (including some very strange mothering activities).

   Ultimately, it's not an insightful movie at all and at points borders on unpleasant yet, in its more ludicrous moments, The Bluff is bizarrely entertaining in a baffling manner - that said, even though it features a lot of sex scenes, nudity and "adult themes", it's not a movie that could ever be mistaken for sexy or erotic. It's a peculiar and perversely made throwaway comedy curio - nothing more (sadly), nothing less (thankfully).

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