Short Film Review: Connection

    The Young Vic , the famous theatre company, has recently turned it's hand towards producing short films. This, their fourth production, is Connection - a collaboration alongside the Guardian and Belarus Free Theatre . A tale of altruism towards strangers, the piece acts as a rather welcome antidote to the poisonous anti-immigrant hatred essays that are currently being peddled by the more despicable elements of the right-wing press in the UK; a tragedy begot of true ignorance.

   Connection, a metaphorcal title which refers as much to the airport in which the short is set as it does to the kinship its protagonists form, stars Jude Law as himself; dashing, cantankerously charming with empathy radiating from his blue, blue eyes. Whilst in a London airport terminal, Law meets a Belarusian (Nicolai Khalezin) who needs to make a connecting flight to Minsk - a journey fate will negate. Khalezin receives a phone call warning him that a return to his homeland will result in trouble from the corrupt govenment. A life is immutably changed in an instant yet, in opposition to this tyranny, is the kindness and desire to help of a stranger which may offer a form of salvation. It's fair to say the Connection is a woolly liberal film which may feel too smug for some - if you're willing to stomach this, Vladimir Shcherban's short represents a fine way to spend ten minutes if only because it feels like an aggressive middle finger towards the Daily Mail. And not many things feel greater than that.

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