Anthony Logistics For Men: Perfect Shave Kit Review

   Many of us, I've noted previously at The Totality, are autodidacts when it comes to shaving. We steal/borrow razors from our parents and cut ourselves immensely on our first attempts. Each time we try we hope to cut ourselves less and less until, ultimately, if we complete a shave without opening up geysers of blood across our faces we consider ourselves a success.

   Yet, it should be noted, there are ways we can make sure we treat our skin, and our faces, better than we do by taking the time to learn and perfect the best techniques for shaving.

   Anthony, with their Perfect Shave Kit , have created a neat collection perfect for the gentleman who understand the importance and virtues of patience whilst managing one's facial hair (whether at home or on the go).

  Included in the bag are four items ideal for all the stages of shaving (the oft-neglected pre and post stages are as handsomely catered for as the main event itself).

   Created to make certain that users will eliminate bumps, burns and irritations that a shoddy or quick-fire maintenance will provide, Anthony's Logistics For Men Perfect Shave Kit features: A Glycolic Facial Cleanser, Pre-Shave Oil, Shave Cream and After Shave Balm.

   Pleasingly, the bag also features a "cue" card of sorts which contains instructions and ingredients too. Now, no matter how little information one's father departed on them with regards to shaving, we can understand what we are putting on our faces, in what order and why.

   Each of the items impresses to varying degrees. The Glycolic Facial Cleanser, which contains soothing aloe vera, is a treat of a sensation when applied  to the skin - its cooling, relaxing and, most importantly, effective. Particularly noticeable after a small period of regular use.

   The Pre Shave Oil has an incredibly manly aroma. An uber macho sense. When I say "masculine", what I mean is "cowboy tough". I imagine it is what John Wayne smelt like. All the time. Applied before the shaving cream, the Oil is used to soften one's hairs and follicles (particularly useful if one does not shave daily) and, again, its efficacy cannot be questioned. If I was a facial hair and I was told to soften up by an oil that smelled this manly, I'd do so too. My favourite product of the kit.

   The Shaving Cream contains eucalyptus oil - one of this writer's favourite grooming ingredients - and compliments the soothing sensations of the other items in the kit. However, if one were to make a small note against the product, the cream does not lather in a manner often becoming of the most luxuriant of shaves. This is a minor complaint and, whilst my least favourite item in the kit, this is more a comment on the high standards of each individual item rather than anything detrimental to the cream itself.

   The After Shave Balm (which as you can see on the packaging below has been designed to offer post-shave comforting) is another product from Anthony which is a joy to apply to one's face. The natural plant extracts found in the balm help cool and nourish the skin and offer a complimentary aroma for the rest of the items in the kit - a clean, fresh smell which matches perfectly the condition of one's face if each objective and strategy highlighted by Anthony was successfully implemented.

* These products were kindly provided for review purposes

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