Trevor Sorbie Male Grooming Hair Clay Review

   Having witnessed Mark Kermode's hair in person earlier this year, one was struck with awe and wonder at how the bequiffed dapper don was able to keep his precision sculpted mane static and perfectly formed for a full night - even under the glare of bright spotlights, his retro flicks remained as immovable as my thoughts on Godzilla . If I had thought on my toes, I'd have made a "quiff. GIF" of the man to demonstrate this.

   Yet, as I have recently applied  Trevor Sorbie Male Grooming Hair Clay  to my own follicles, I understand with much greater clarity just how strong a hold the correct hair products can have on one's mane. Until recently I favoured a slightly longer, floppier look in relation to my hair-style; my latter day conversion to a shorter cut has rendered me slightly out of the loop when it comes to appropriate styling products. Thankfully, in Sorbie's clay, I have quickly found a new favourite for those days when my hair just won't behave and needs to be pasted down with something greater than wishful thinking.

Trevor Sorbie by Hair Clay  
   Sorbie's hair clay - one of the brand's great hair-dresser style treatments - is surprising in how literal it's name seems to be; its a product that looks and smells like clay. Thankfully, when applied to the hair it becomes apparent that this is a refined product rather than snake oil in the form of packaged waste from the set of Ghost.

   As with most of Sorbie's products, a little goes a long way (which is a relief for end of the day hair washes); a relatively small scoop provides one's hair with rigid structure, strong hold and definition. Thankfully, the clay (unless dolloped on) doesn't set one's hair into clumps but, instead, provides a clean matte finish - an advantage clay has over wax. Perfect for sculpting styles which defy gravity or require being held stationary - it's work a treat for keeping my thick hair in stasis.

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