#SendMeAway.... To Reykjavik

   It was Rocky Balboa who once said that if you live in once place long enough, you are that place. I moved away once, when I was younger, but the indisputable fact is that Bradford pumps through my veins. I am Bradford. I've been to some amazing places in my life but, as the platitude states: home is where the heart is.

   Having been fortunate enough to experience many of the most beautiful places in the world, I've never been tempted to consider living elsewhere. That is, if my life circumstances were different, with one exception.

   It is hard to fully express just how different one feels simply by being in Iceland. The air is clean and crisp, the nation's gentle breeze doesn't just prod but invigorates and a languid atmosphere permeates from the natural beauty which envelopes the island. This is a country for which the word "pleasant" simply won't do - Iceland, and I'm not resorting to hyperbole here, is a serene and tranquil paradise.

   Iceland is a pleasingly sparse country - it is impossible to image a capital city as hustle and hassle-free as Reykjavik. This is a place which soothes and eases one's soul but, if were one inclined, also offers an array of pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants to enjoy at one's own leisurely pace.

   But, as is true with most of the world's most majestic and wondrous places, it is the natural parts of the island which are the most enjoyable and, in the literal sense of the word, awesome. It is almost impossible to truly comprehend how much Iceland changes with each season too: snow and ice encapsulate the country's landscapes in winter, whereas lush greenery sprouts with profuse abandon and lovingly carpets Iceland during the summer months.

   Tours are available to specifically go and visit the wonders of Iceland's natural beauty and the poetry which is contained in its soil. From shooting geysers, which erupt and leap towards heaven before our eyes, through to gushing waterfalls and snow-capped mountains, not to mention the Northern Lights, there is an astonishing array of sights to see, each of which prove more spectacular than the last. Iceland is a delightful testament as to why artists throughout the ages have tried to capture the living soul of landscapes in their work; this spirit is clear, present and humbling to feel in Reykjavik.

    Reykjavik, then, is not a place I'm ever likely to find myself living (as much as I would like to) but it is a place I've endeavoured to return often - whether on holiday or, simply, when I close my eyes to think of peaceful surroundings. I've lived in Bradford for a long time and that city has become part of me but, when I think of Reykjavik, and the euphoria and quiet joy I experienced there -  maybe its a part of me too?

   A huge thanks to Icelolly.com for asking where would I most like to visit in 2016 and inspiring this post. Join in the conversation and tweet them at @icelollyholiday with the hashtag #SendMeAway.

   A second huge thanks goes to Kel at Adventures In Tea and Cake for being a better photographer than I'll ever be and for the use of these stunning pictures.

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