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   My Dad is a great man.

   He's a genuine hero - a retired fireman who was on duty at Valley Parade that awful day in 1985 - and has taught me pretty much everything I know about right and wrong. He's an old school man in all the right ways too; chivalrous, moustached and capable of wiring plugs. You could use his picture as an illustrated entry for "Dad" in a dictionary and, without words, people of all languages would understand the meaning simply by looking at the cheeky glint in his eyes and his preference for beige shorts.

   Yet, if there's one thing that sticks up my craw about him, its that I've never had the first clue what to get him come his birthday, Christmas or Father's Day. He's happy as Larry with his Sudoku puzzle books but, alas, I'm sure I've bought him these thrice yearly for at least the last half decade. Similarly, there's no vinyl record I could buy him which would improve his collection - in the 1980s he once threw out each of his Status Quo albums in a fit of apoplexy (at their decision to play in apartheid South Africa) but has since repurchased them as his stance has cooled.

   Then, as these things do, inspiration struck me as to what could be the perfect solution.

   Mankind, they of male grooming heroism , release regular boxes in which they curate a rather delightful selection of items from their range into a heavily discounted box. Their latest limited edition , for example, features £60 worth of products bundled together at a low, low cost of just £30: a huge reduction of the retail price.

   Included inside are the following items:
  •         Clinique for Men Face Scrub (100ml)
  •         Clinique for Men Moisturizing Lotion (15ml)
  •         Lab Series Maximum Comfort Shave Cream (100ml)
  •         Lab Series Multi Action Face Wash (30ml)
  •         Bumble & Bumble Surf  Travel Size Shampoo (60ml)
  •         Bumble & Bumble Surf  Travel Size Conditioner (60ml)

   At such an incredible price, and with so much variation in terms of items included, the Mankind box may well have served my Father's Day quandary (although, it must be said, IWOOT have also thrown a few ideas my way too).

   Whilst I will be posting a full review of the box over the weekend (please do keep your eyes peeled for that), I'm delighted to offer my readers the chance of winning one of their very own in the interim, as provided by Exante 's competition embedded below.

   Do you know the one thing that's better than getting your Dad a box full of great gifts for Pappa's day for a fantastic price? Winning one for free, of course. (The competition closes on Father's Day so your present may be it bit late but... the best things are worth waiting for). And, if you're one of those smart arses who has already bought, wrapped and got everything in hand already - why not keep it for yourself if you win? Either way, its worth an entry!

   Have a look at the form below for details on how to enter and good luck!

WIN a Premium Mankind Box worth £60

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