How Secure Is Cloud Computing?

Whether you know it or not, you make use of cloud computing almost every day. Every day, you log into digital services that have access to your personal details, all of which is being managed through a cloud-based system.

The emails that you access from home, your online banking platform and even your favourite online store all make use of cloud-based technology. This then begs the question, how safe is the data that we upload to these invisible cloud servers?

The facts: cloud storage is booming

Snow Software recently conducted a survey and found that most of the world’s IT leaders have increased their cloud storage space by 82% in an effort to support remote working. 60% of these global leaders have stated that this number is set to increase indefinitely. Unfortunately, this growth is not being followed in terms of ensuring data security. According to Gartner, businesses are not increasing their spending is not growing at the same pace as the adaptation of cloud technologies. This is putting many businesses at risk of having data breaches and other security risks.

Is it worth the risk?

This is the question that we need to be asking ourselves. Is it a matter of adapting to cloud without increasing security spend, or increasing security and decreasing our adaptation to cloud technology? Is it really a matter of only have one or the other? We should not be compromising our businesses in this way. To ensure long term business growth and sustainability, security and technology should be going hand in hand.

Another aspect to consider is that migrating to cloud does not automatically change your business processes or impact your security. It can, however, reduce the costs and risks associated with having a physical server room that can overheat, be breached or be damaged. Cloud technology also provides a platform automation and approved efficiency.

What do you need from your cloud solution?

When you speak to any cloud provider, they will mention the same three things as a minimum requirement. These can be listed as segmented applications, consistent security and a centrally managed security centre. Essentially, you need the same level of security as you would enjoy when apuestas deportivas Argentina online at a top site, or as with a physical network. However, you need to be able and willing to adapt to changes as and when they become necessary. It also needs to be scalable, able to grow alongside your team.

The bottom line? Find the right balance

At the end of the day, there needs to be a seamless crossover from your physical setup to your cloud-based solution. The relevant security practices and policies need to be in place and adhered to by all making use of the network. At the end of the day, your safety is important, and so is your business’ need to evolve.

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