What Suit You Should Be Wearing

It's no secret that different suits look different on different people. For men, choosing the right suit can be a nightmare at times, how are we meant to know what looks good without an outside perspective? Fortunately, most suits tend to be best suited to different body types. In the below, we will go over the main styles or cuts of suit available and who should be wearing them. There is a suit for every body type out there, make sure to find the right suit for you.

Skinny Fit

Built for the slim man to compliment and accentuate his structure, a modern iteration of the classic suit falling somewhere between English and Italian. Skinny fit are best suited for, as the name suggests, slim men. You don't need to be extremely thin to pull off a skinny fit, but don't expect to be overly active as the suit will be restrictive.

Slim Fit

The slim fit is the middle ground between skinny and regular. For the slim man who can wear a skinny fit but prefers a little extra room to breathe. The slim fit is still great at accentuating a slimmer build but does leave a bit more to the imagination. If a skinny fit is a bit tight for you or your place of work has a lot of stairs, a slim fit is likely the best option for you.

Classic Fit

The classic fit or more commonly referred to as the regular fit is one of the most found and still one of the best cuts of suit to match everybody. The slimmest of people should probably stick to a skinny or slim fit as they may feel a bit lost, as for everybody else though, classic fit will always be a winning selection.

Tailored Fit

Cost aside, a tailored fit will always be the best for personal comfort and incredible looks. Having a suit tailored for your own needs is a great investment in yourself. While it isn't always recommended for younger people who still have a fast-changing body, once growth spurts have settled down, a tailored suit will ensure you will be dashing on every occasion. They do, however, come at additional cost. If you would like to have more than one suit, perhaps classic fits will be better for your needs.

What else

Knowing the fit isn't the only factor to take into consideration when choosing a suit. For starters, there are a few overarching styles of cut to choose from.

American cut - A hardy a robust suit made to fit in anywhere it is worn, American cut suits are best suited to a bigger and wider build featuring a straight frame, little to no padding and low armholes for large shoulders. American cut is often cheaper than British and Italian but is still a fantastic suit to have.

British - A more luxurious cut with a slightly indented center, a British but will be at home wherever you choose to wear it, it is however less robust and for some, perhaps less comfortable than the American cut.

Italian cut - A much more fitted suit compared to the British and American suit, the ultimate cut for high fashion and high class. Not always recommended for working or for relaxing and playing the Bingo Canada offers, as it is likely to be less comfortable and more formal than its British and American counterparts.

Which To Wear?

At the end of the day, the best way to tell what suit will fit you best is to head to a tailor and try on some suits. Comfort is always the most important goal, the more comfortable you are in your suit, the better you will look.

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