The Mistaken Case of a Foot Fetishist

   Running your own blog allows one to see how people found the site, whether they arrived at it through a referral or which search term (i.e. what they typed in to Google) they used to land there. Oftentimes the results are not always savory - amongst the terms people have used to find this site as of late have included "Cheryl Cole Feet".

   At first I assumed the worst - some people who can not bring themselves to use the internet for pornography are using this site for cheap thrills. The thought horrified me. What made it worse is that when I Googled the term "Cheryl Cole Feet" myself I perused the first ten pages to see where this site ranked for the term; alas it was not to be found - somehow the fact that the person who Googled "Cheryl Cole Feet" to find my site had to look through over 100 results to arrive here made the whole thing even seedier. I felt horrible. But then, thankfully, I graciously received a news story which made me understand that not all suspected fetishists are as bad as should initially be presumed.

 In South Korea a man was recently arrested in connection with the part he played in stealing scores of women's high heels across Busan in a spree which lasted several months. "We first looked into the possibility of sexual perversion," a Busan policeman told the Associated Press but, alas, it seems the criminals' intent was much more innocent. At only five feet five tall, the 24 year old Mr Lee had become frustrated at ladies towering over him when given the additional height that heeled shoes allows. It would seem that like my mystery Cheryl Cole fan, too many people jumped the gun when, surely, there was an innocent explanation for this behaviour.

   So who really is the bad man in this story? Is it the man who trawls through dozens of pages on the internet looking for images of, or even worse actual articles about, celebrities' feet? Or is it the South Korean man who became a one man crime wave stealing women's shoes when they didn't expect it? Or, is it me for assuming the worst about these two men? With less than a second of though I can conclude that it is the first two who are the bad men.

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