Matthew McConaugha-Spray

   I've previously mentioned on this blog that Ryan Reynolds when put in smart clothes often looks like a performing chimp who does not quite understand what is required of him which thus makes him incredibly unsuited to modelling. I've also mentioned that, when worn with appropriate decorum, bow ties can be an incredibly debonair choice of neck wear for men . The picture to the right of this text sees Matthew McConaughahey showing Van Wilder what a model should aspire to be and showing the rest of us mortals how to look amazing in neck-wear that could, in the wrong hands, look gimmicky. He is of course advertising The One by Dolce & Gabbana  or as it is known in some circles, i.e. mine, Matthew McCoughna-spray.

   A preference for this cologne over all others is something of a cliche but, alas, it is something of a cliche for a reason - The One is perhaps the apex in men's fragrance. Readers of this blog will remember how I often enthuse for subtle aromas  instead of over over-bearing and boisterous choices; The One certainly fits into the former category and is a must-wear for the discerning, sophisticated gentleman especially when attending evening and formal events. The Dolce & Gabbana cologne has hints of Basil, Ginger and Cedarwood making it a pleasant and rewarding aroma. Due to the subtlety of the smell, however, it must be advised that teaming it with a strong-smelling aftershave will completely achieve the understated, debonair effect you are going for. To maximise it's essence, steer clear of competing fragrances and utilise only a small amount on your wrists and neck.

If you want to dazzle with your debonair spirit, if you are a charismatic enigma.

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  1. Such an enjoyable post; I will certainly look out for this one when the time comes around, it sounds fantastic!

    For the past few years I've been using Platinum Egoist and when that ran out, Bleu, both by Chanel...

    Do you have any other suggestions for colognes that are worth a sniff?

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