How Not To Wear Waistcoats

   Recently I wrote a short post about misconceptions of how to wear waistcoats and lamented the fact that many males have no idea how to actually sport the garment. Seeing men with the bottom button undone and teaming the item with a belt, however, seems like only a minor faux pas in comparison with the offenders I will address in this post.

   Rather than beat around the bush, here is the thesis for this post: No one sector of human civilisation wore waistcoats worse than professional wrestlers did in the late 90s to early 2000s. Whilst I understand that these men wished to look larger than life, I still cannot, to this day, figure out why the rather gentlemanly waistcoast, once the dapper choice of sophisticated elegance, was integrated into the ring attire of a man trying to look as menacing as possible.

   The humble waistcoat was, throughout the course of its existence, usually teamed with a traditional suit and the patterning was rather understated. However, athletes such as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and The Rock decided that, to make their image even more macho, the only combination that would suffice would be to team a pair of overly tight y-fronts with a leather waistcoat and nothing else. To complete the image, the waistcoat could often be covered in silver writing and menacing symbols such as skulls. George Clooney you can not imagine would wear such a thing.

   In short, I believe that debonair items, such as the waistcoat or the Oxford brogue, should be left to the aspiring sophisticate such as myself and left out of the wardrobes of ruffian brawlers in the WWE. The opposite should also be true; it is hardly likely that male fashion bloggers would want to be seen oiled up in public, wearing only a pair of tiny y-fronts at any point in the near future either. Well, in this instance, I speak for myself.


  1. Haha so true Im having ugly waist coat flashbacks now, Scott Hall was a terrible abuser of them haha

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  2. Scott Hall = great call!
    That guy knew no bounds in bad sartorial choices!

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  3. Wrestlers should wear something different in the ring. Waistcoats should be only use in formal events.

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