The Mysterious Case of Jukebox Cologne: Part 2

   One of the things that most infuriates bloggers, fashion or otherwise, is when they are approached by companies or agencies who have not taken any time to read the actual site whilst making enquiries. I mentioned previously in my SEO and blogger outreach post that it is essential, before e-mailing any one in any walk of life, to do a little research before reaching out. This would seem like common sense but, alas, I have seen many people report they have been sent messages which begin with "Dear Fashion" or "Dear Blogger". This, quite simply, is a disgrace.

 I recently received an e-mail regarding  my first post about Jukebox cologne . For anyone who has taken the time to read that article, my harrowing experience in which I was pressured into buying the monstrous liquid, pictured to the right, was all there on the page - it is a mysterious cologne which I mentioned I have since tried to research and have found no evidence of its existence elsewhere in the world. However, this is the e-mail I received (from a mysterious man who also carbon copied in over 100 of his colleagues into our exchange):

 Dear Sir/Madam,

     This is Bob and I will like to order (
 Jukebox ).Do get back to

me with the types and cost for the ones you do carry and let me know

if there is an extra cost when using visa or master card.Kindly get

back to me with your name .Are you the sales manager or the owner?


   This e-mail troubled me deeply. Whether it was the fact that I was now being accused of being the proprietor of the Jukebox brand (maybe the £5 I paid for my bottle also included intellectual rights too?) or whether it was the ominous three full stops in lieu of a name at the end of the e-mail (sent from an address which suggested his real name was something other than "Bob"), this was a peculiar development. It would seem that I am now deeply embroiled in the mystery of this cologne and there seems to be no way out for me now. I'm not sure whether the e-mail was from a potential comrade in my search for answers or  a potential antagonist. This morning I replied:

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your e-mail. In the post I explained how "Jukebox" cologne

was not something that I had any part in developing, nor do I lay

claim to any proprietorship of the brand but rather it was something

which serendipitously came in to my life.

I have dedicated myself to finding out as much information as possible

about this weird and wonderful cologne but seem unable to find any

information whatsoever on the internet. I will extend my search

further and will let you know of any facts I may find. Please keep me

updated too on your quest to track down this scent.

Best wishes,


If you, dear readers, know anything about this brand then please get in touch.

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  1. .____. mmmm i dont know that brand at all but one thing i've learned from having several blogs is people troll you to get your attention. Related or not to what you're saying, the more time you spend looking them up or talking to them is kinda like advertising space. I wouldn't personally have responded to this but I know you really like to research everything so best of luck finding more about the product.

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