House-keeping and moving home!

   Hey y'all - here's a few brief updates on this blog:

   Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, we've got both a new name and a new domain!
KC's Man Blog  was a title I was never comfortable with and was a spur of the moment decision - it was a quite limiting name to say the least. In it's place is The Totality - this change has been made for a number of reasons including the fact that it is overly pretentious without meaning anything,thus making it perfect to expand blogging topics (but whilst maintaining a focus on men's fashion, lifestyle and culture in the form of meandering prose). Spread the word about our new home at but remember all our old URLs still work as re-directs too! (So don't take down your links!)

   Regular readers will know that I recently announced a hiatus which I intended to run until 2013 - whilst I don't intend to start blogging on a regular basis before then, I do have a couple of posts I intend to get up before the year's end. After this time I've got a bit more of a structured editorial calendar in shape so the blog should be a much more consistent read. I intend to install GFC too and I'm looking at hosting a competition in early to mid January too.

   You may have also noticed a few cosmetic changes to the site too - expect a few more tweaks to continue over the coming weeks' as I re-sculpt this site into something a touch prettier than before hopefully.

   A final point of notice is that I've just had my first article published at The Good Men's Project - something I'm incredibly proud of!

   Thanks again for all your support and I'll be back, better than ever and full time in the new year.

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