A Man’s Guide to Christmas Fashion and Entering Competitions

An "outfit" competition post for a prize I cannot win

   This week Kel Loves launched, on her rather delightful site, a new Barratts competition with a total of £100 up for grabs. Split into two, the prizes, worth £70 and £30 each, can be one in a couple of ways. To be in with a chance of the £30 reward, entrants can put their name into the hat via a number of different ways moderated by Rafflecopter including giving out tweets and following Kel Loves blog – for more information on this prize follow the link here.

   To take part in the main £70 prize entrants must compose a blog post featuring a Christmas outfit in one of four categories: A walk in winter wonderland, a Christmas party, a long shopping day, or a Christmas day outfit. If they so choose, bloggers can enter up to four times with one outfit per category, but, to be considered, they have to include Barratts shoes as part of the outfit and a link back to the site.

   Clearly I’m not eligible for this due to my place of employment but I figured that, due to the dearth of male entrants, I’d have a quick go at finishing this challenge all in the spirit of festive fun – it can provide a bit of a sample entry rather than a competitive one! If you think you can do better (and you really should be able to as this was clearly cobbled together on my lunch-break in a five minute window between reading the latest football news and checking Daily Mail’s celebrity gossip) then you should pop over to Kel Loves and have a go!

   So, without further pause, here’s my post for a Christmas day outfit:

Santa Hat from Poundland – it’s Christmas. Why wouldn’t I wear this?

Novelty Christmas Jumper from Amazon. The world would be a poorer place without festive knitwear.

Pinstripe trousers from Dunlop. Just because I’m having a great time on Christmas day in this outfit (prior to drinking too much Baileys) doesn’t mean I shouldn’t put at least SOME effort into my outfit.

Blackman Office Leather Lace Up Ankle Boots from Barratts. You name me an occasion a man shouldn’t consider wearing these and I’ll name you a liar or a fool. But not on Christmas day. That would be mean.

I ho ho hope you have fun entering!
(That was a pun not a typo. Keep looking.... yup. You've worked it out. Sorry for wasting your time firstly with the laboured pun and, secondly, with this useless epilogue)

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