Outfit Of The Day: Men's High Street Clothes

   When I started this blog, my  main intention was to complete the following goals: to write as many sarcastic, ironic and downright baffling articles in a blog which was superficially about fashion with the aim of getting mankind to dress much better than they currently do. Yet, walking around the high streets of Bradford and Manchester in the last couple of days, I have realised that my plan is simply not working - no-one is listening, 90% of males still wear jeans (despite me having stated what a bad idea this is) and the majority of men still have no idea how to compose an outfit. Since I assume that every male I have observed is an avid reader of this blog (why wouldn't they be) I began to wonder what reason they could possibly have for not listening to my sage advice?

   Despite the fact I consider words as my currency I have decided that maybe I should take a different approach; the next drastic step I could think of was to compose photographic evidence that it is possible to compose an outfit based solely of high street purchases without looking like an off-duty footballer or a contestant from ITV's Take Me Out. In my first, and potentially last, OOTD post I've put together a simple, casual outfit with the current season in mind. I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to pose for a post like this so I looked off camera for two reasons - firstly, to look more mysterious and brooding than I actually am and, secondly, to make it seem like I have an ambivalence and apathetic attitude towards the neighbour's satellite dish.

Scarf - Gap Korea (Gift)  /  Jacket - River Island (£85)  /
Shirt - TopMan (£30)  /  Trousers - Next (£30)  /
Shoes - Joe Browns (£34)


  1. Looking good Kieron!
    The Jacket is especially awesome

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    1. Thanks Sami! I saw the jacket and HAD to own it ha :)

  2. looking great! I really like men doing outfit posts! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

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    1. Thanks!
      I haven't really seen many about but always interesting when I do so thought I'd give it a shot!

  3. Like this outfit, Kieron - especially the coat. It's gorgeous!


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  4. Awesome outfit sir..! A perfect men's wear..

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