Interview: Pocket London's Edward Page

   Most of the posts on this blog see your humble writer wail and caterwaul about fashion in a way which suggests he knows what he is talking about. This, despite the confidence most of the articles are penned with, could not be further from the truth. So, to break things up a bit, for today's post at The Totality we chat with a man who actually does know the difference between a wrist-watch and a wrist-lock.

   Edward Page, along with Made In Chelsea's Louise Thompson, is the co-founder of Pocket London - a lady's jeans brand aimed at the elusive middle ground between budget and designer prices. The jeans, which feature distinctive coloured pockets, are unspeakably slick and chic; they look set to become an integral part of many a fashionista's wardrobe in the near future.

   Quite impressively Mr Page managed to found this company whilst still attending university. In comparison, the most impressive thing I did during the same period of my life was eat an entire multi-pack of Skips whilst watching a Hollyoaks omnibus of episodes I had already previously seen on their initial airing.

   My questions below are in bold, Edward's answers are not. You know the score of this kind of thing by now.

Many students find balancing their studies with a part time job challenging enough – how have you managed to find the time to launch your own brand, Pocket London, whilst finishing your degree?

I’ve been lucky to have a good support network of friends and family around me which has definitely made the process easier. Also having Louise (the other co-founder of Pocket) means that we can also try and divide Pocket between us when one of us has more or less free time at university. Any free time that I do get and any holidays, are just spent working and developing on Pocket. I am now just really excited to finish university this summer so that I can concentrate more on our brand!

What made you decide to launch a brand focusing exclusively on jeans?

Even though there are a lot of jean brands out there, we felt there isn’t one that bridges the gap between high street prices and designer prices. We wanted to create jeans that were still going to be well made and designed but would not be financially out of reach for everyone. We will look to increase the line in terms of style and design also and intend to show all the creative and fun things you can do with them.

Do you plan on incorporating any other items of clothing in the future or is Pocket London always going to be synonymous with jeans? Would you be looking to launch a men’s range in the future?

At the moment I think we are just going to stick to producing a women’s line. We will definitely look to increase this for future seasons, both in terms of developing the line and also introducing new items. I think that with our concept of ‘pocket’ there are lots of potential avenues that we could go down which is really exciting.

What, in your eyes, makes a great pair of jeans and how have you incorporated this in Pocket’s design?

When Louise and I first discussed this idea, she noted how finding a great pair of jeans can often be problematic for women. We then decided that we wanted to incorporate a style that would flatter most female body shapes, such as the straight leg that Pocket has. We can then introduce new styles but we also have this classic collection which I think will be great.

Each of your jeans feature a distinctive coloured pocket which, if all being successful, could become an iconic feature. What, or who, inspired this look?

I had noticed that with jeans the branding is predominantly on the back pocket and is usually quite small – often just a tag or label. We liked the idea that the branding would be a major feature in our jeans yet would still not distract from the actual clothing. The idea of a colour contrasting Pocket really appealed to us as it both acts as branding and also is a really unique and attractive feature of the jeans. It also allows us scope to develop this idea with other items of clothing.

Alexa Chung is someone I could imagine rocking a pair of Pockets. In an ideal world, who, apart from the cast of Made In Chelsea, would you most like to be seen in a pair of your jeans?

As Kate Moss is the iconic poster girl for rocking a pair of jeans, I would love to see her in a pair. I also would love Cara Delevingne as she has been huge in the last few months and I particularly love her style.

What does 2013 hold in place for you and for Pocket London?

We have got lots of exciting things planned for the coming year and are really looking forward to what it will all bring. We will be substantially increasing our collection for AW13 and have got some great new ideas and designs so watch this space!! We have been in talks with some of the major British retailers also which is really exciting for us – we just can’t wait to get started.

What advice would you give would be fashion designers looking to make their big break?

I think my advice would be to stay focused and clear on your ideas. It will be a lot of work which can initially be quite daunting but if you have a good support network and believe in your designs then I think that speaks volumes. The main thing is to just take it day by day and not panic.

I'd like to thank Edward Page for his time answering my questions and also Caroline Elvin for arranging this interview for me. To find out more about Pocket London please visit

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