This Post Is Pants: A Guide To Men's Underwear

   When discussing men's fashion there is one specific item of clothing that oftentimes goes unspoken by bloggers such as myself and there is a good reason for this. If nobody sees what you wear under your clothes, to paraphrase a popular piece of wisdom, is there any point in writing about it?  This post is a focus on something that hasn't been written about widely in many other places and the reasons for this, including the fact that many people would not know where to start on such a topic, are obvious. Enough, however, is enough - we need to talk about pants.

   In the same way that ladies invest in expensive undergarments which they sport, regardless of whether they intend others to see them, solely for the purpose of boosting their own confidence, men can also gain an extra boost in the self esteem department too with their choice of underwear. Whilst in teen years it may have made sense to purchase a multi-pack of briefs from the nearest department store, as an adult, this notion of consumerism will not suffice - much more care needs to be taken. But what, exactly, should be considered when shopping for men's pants? Is there a set criteria to fulfill and, if so, what exactly is it?

   Firstly, when deciding what to buy, the ultimate consideration has to be quality.  Since the invention of boxers and briefs (barely 90 years ago according to this article on the history of underwear which is sadly not called " A Brief History of Briefs"), it seems that the market for men's underwear has split roughly in two - at one end is "Georgio Armani" and "Calvin Classics" which can be found on markets across the world and represent the bulk of well meaning parents' post-holiday presents for their adult children, or, at the other end, are authentic designer underwear such as these Emporio Armani Boxers . The main difference between the two strands I've identified is the pure quality of the garments - whereas the former is likely to be shapeless, hanging loose in all the wrong areas and too tight in the others, the more expensive variety provide an extra layer of comfort that simply cannot be achieved from snide knock-offs. That "Johnny Brubacker" pants are much more likely to rip than, for example, Armani underwear  is indicative of the fact that spending a little more than the bare minimum is essential when it comes to under garments. 

   The second thing to consider when buying underwear is - do you think what you are wearing is funny? If so, you simply should not wear them. Like novelty ties or socks, novelty underwear is to be frowned upon but, perhaps even more so. Whereas the visible store bought zaniness of a comedy tie is an outward sign of a desperate paucity of character, there is something a touch creepy about having a joke which you keep in your trousers which only you and your nearest or dearest will see. Also, although Bridget Jones had her famous "big pants" disaster, be careful if you are going on a date wearing novelty underwear - its never a good sign for a partner to starting laughing at you whilst you're in the process of getting undressed. There's a saying that you can laugh someone into bed - what is not spoken as much is that the opposite is also true; you can laugh someone out of bed. A nice pair of sleek designer underwear, which can often augment and compliment your figure, is clearly the way forward.  

   To summarise, there are few parts of the body that we need to protect and pamper more than those which we encapsulate in our underwear - if we can't treat them to extravagances then, what can we? Go for sensibly patterned, high quality material underwear and you can't go far wrong. You could try and save a few pennies or take chances but why bother?



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