3 Must See Events This Summer*

   If the rumours are to be believed then it seems like everyone's favourite action transvestite/stand-up comedian may be winding down his days as a comedic performer (with the man himself hinting at a run for the office of Lord Mayor in a couple of years). As such, fans should be even more rabid with excitement at the news of his latest tour (Force Majeur) which makes a welcome stop off at the O2 Arena on the 8th and 9th of June - its part of one of, if not THE, most extensive comedy treks of all time with the great man also taking in Africa, Russia, Nepal, India and The Far East too! Whilst it hasn't officially been announced as a farewell tour, those who have a yearning to see the comedian are advised to get Eddie Izzard Tickets soon so as to avoid disappointment!
   Touring across the country this summer are the wonderful, fabulous and oh so glamorous Ladyboys of Bangkok! Back with their new show, Glamorous Amorous, the Ladyboys look to prove once more why they are one of the most fun and exciting cabaret acts on the live circuit with their newly updated set which includes interpretations of the likes of Cheryl Cole, J-Lo and even Gangnam Style. Be sure to buy Ladyboys tickets for a night of unbridled glee!

   Back once more for an annual showcase of the most fascinating and bewildering documentaries around the world is Sheffield Doc Fest. For five intensive days in June (12th-16th), Sheffield plays home to a whole cavalcade of screenings and industry events which are perfect for armchair critics (like myself!) and film-making professionals to come together to celebrate the joy of cinema! This year over 120 different movies from dozens of countries are to be shown making it something of a cinephiles dream.

And a bonus FOURTH THING

When it comes to culture is there anything more refined than a night at the opera? As part of the English National Opera's latest season, the perennial favourite La Boheme, the Puccini classic, runs from now until the start of summer - why not kick off the sunny months in classic style?



  1. Eddie Izzard is just fantastic. I can't tell you how much 'The evil giraffe' skit still makes me laugh!
    I'd absolutely love to go and see him live!

    Kerys -xo
    Little Bo Blab

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    1. Aye - I've never seen him live in person before so would love the opportunity to do so!

  2. Nice! I was just thinking on the train this morning I should do a little search online to find out what's happening over the summer. Great post! :-)

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    1. Thanks Ged - thought I'd try and spread it out with three very different types of night!


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