Book Review: Anti Diet and Uncle Bullshit

My first e-book review here at The Totality 

  When I was invited to read an E-book by Jess, the blogger behind Oh So Gawjess , I was intrigued as to what possible advice she could offer in an over-saturated market on nutrition and fitness world where miracle "cures" and regimes aimed at giving us perfect bodies are espoused on a daily basis. Sagely, in Anti-Diet and Uncle Bullshit, she decides to strip all the bullshit away and produces a book which is definitively a triumph of common sense over jargon and mumbo-jumbo: a victory I always applaud regardless of the field it's achieved in.

   Jess' book offers a wise indictment on the diet industry (and it is an industry aimed at making as much money as possible. There's no such pill that will turn us into Gerard Butler or Katy Perry overnight and if there were, that would be disastrous for the industry's finances. Instead, as Jess notes, the whole business centres around flogging us cures that don't work). She suggests that rather than listen to faddy advice and flavour of the month trends, dieters should return to simple and proven logic. In short, she cuts away the fat and leaves lean, tidy advice which simply will not tolerate nonsense.

   The e-book is short, concise and it's a very breezy read; it's full of straight forward tips which, to be frank, a lot of people might not like to read. Nevertheless, I'd sincerely recommend this to those who are interested in straight forward advice and rational criticism of the multitudes of faddy diets currently available.

   The e-book was originally meant to be given away for free (but for various reasons she describes  here a small fee had to be charged) but is available to purchase at Amazon for the bargain price of 77p.


  1. This sounds very interesting! Keen to check it out now. As always great review Mr K! ;-)

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    1. Thank you Ged - you're a gentleman!


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