Admiral Gold Men's Fairfield T-Shirt

   There are many people who form emotional attachments to various brands names for a variety of reasons. Anybody who has watched a single episode of Sex and the City will have witnessed Carrie and her cronies positively fetishise the output of any number of designer labels (not least Louboutin) for example and, for the most part, such actions seem to have an air of the ludicrous.

  Yet, when I was approached to review the T-shirt featured in this post, the mention of the brand in question brought back a flood of memories I'd not taken the time to enjoy for some while. Hearing the retro name of Admiral reminded me of footballing years gone by, and my formative years of becoming a fan of the sport, due to their close association with my team of choice Leeds United.

   Proustian rushes came back to me of Tony Dorigo's bursts of pace down the left flank, Brian Deane's hulking presence up front, the late Gary Speed's combative midfield displays and Gary McAllister's incredibly graceful passing style he used to control games with. Not least of all, however, hearing the name Admiral makes me fondly remember this unlikely goal in which Carl Shutt scored the winner in a European cup tie at the Nou Camp .

   The brand, in their current guise as Admiral Gold, have re-energised themselves with a new venture into the premium style market for men. This coincides, with a great deal of serendipity, with my recent relaxation on my sport clothes inspired dress code .

    Combining a retro heritage inspired chequered square with the iconic Admiral logo, the brand have created a range of informal albeit elegantly subtle T-shirts which are an ideal choice for a dresser such as myself who prefers the understated to the brash and for whom the sweltering weather has provided some challenges in maintaining both a sophisticated and comfortable feel.

    Breezy in the heat, and a great fit to boot, this T-shirt has been a Godsend for my wardrobe in these last few sweltering days!

   If Admiral's re-branding proves to be successful, in years to come the memories for many males will not stem from football matches or nostalgia inspired by the world of sport but, rather, from keen recollections of a vintage inspired range of clothing which pumped new life into a respected heritage name.

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  1. I like it. Thanks to this glorious weather, I had to pop out and get quite a few for the more leisurely days. This one is really nice! I like the simplicity of it!

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