Brand Profile: Specspost

   Long time readers of the Totality will know of my fondness for Specspost , the online glasses retailer. Due to my shortsightedness, and thus reliance on spectacles, they're the only fashion brand who I wear literally every day.

   Recently too, I've been featured sporting Nile Havana eye wear on the homepage of their website - a more braggadocios man than myself would add "male model" to their CV (to accompany my credits as an extra in an Oscar Award winning film and my performance as a male chorister on  a Pitchfork lauded album ; truly, my life has been one of variety).

   Rather fantastically, Specpost have launched a post-Christmas sale so it's possible to pick up some of their fantastic ranges (including their rather chic prescription geek glasses, prescription sunglasses and petite glasses ) whilst they're still in stock.

   Here's some of my favourite items from their sale:


Charlie Brown Glasses - £24 / Black Geek Glasses - £15 "Ocean Dreams" Two Tone Glasses - £29.99  


Alfie Brown Sunglasses - £25  /   "Arley" Sunglasses - £24.99 / Buddy Prescription Sunglasses - £23.99


Leonard - £14.99 /   Abi Alton Style Glasses - £14 / Aston Converse Style Geek Glasses - £25.99

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