Clarks Originals Men's Desert Boots

   An observation I have often made is that, in comparison to women's fashion, men often find themselves at the rather conservative end of the sartorial spectrum. Trainers are often the default footwear of choice (regardless of whether the hypothetical man in question is attending a formal or informal event) and for those who do embrace "proper" shoes, the choice is often conservative or obvious. The feeling that one pair of black leather lace-ups is appropriate for all "smart" occasions is pervasive; this is coupled with a fear of not knowing how to wear shoes outside of their comfort zone.

   For today's post I'm highlighting boots which many men may have not considered purchasing in part due to the aforementioned fear of trying something they may not know - today I highlight these rather vibrantly coloured  desert boots from Clarks .

   The desert boots are part of Clarks' Originals series and date back to a design from 1949 by Nathan Clark himself. Based on the crepe-soled boots in Cairo's Old Bazaar, the original design was created with casual wear in mind; Mr Clark's innovation has been imitated ever since, remaining incredibly influential to this day. (Whilst this post shall focus primarily on the illustrated pair of shoes, it is worth noting that Clarks also stock a wide range of alternatives to this design including beeswax , denim and khaki varieties alongside traditional, vintage takes on the design ).

   Despite my long ramblings at The Totality about aesthetics, any wise person will tell you that the key to great clothing is comfort - if one feels grand, then one will look more grand too. As such, these Clarks come with the highest recommendation possible - a snug, though not restrictive, width is perfectly complimented by a supportive sole.

   Despite the last paragraph, however, it is worth noting that some precautions should be made when sporting any item this bright. The primary danger comes with potential colour clashes - a danger that is exacerbated with a primary shade this bright. In order to anchor, and balance, an ensemble sporting footwear of this dazzling nature, a key trick is to mute the rest of the outfit with primarily sober colours. In the accompanying photograph, I've illustrated how it's possible to incorporate these desert boots into a casual outfit by using sombre, albeit complimentary, shades of grey and black.

   With a small degree of consideration, it's possible to move away from the "trainers every day" school of thought and embrace something new - even if, as in this instance, the inspiration comes from all the way back in the 1940s.

 * These boots were kindly provided by Clarks for review purposes.

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