Specspost Men's Glasses Review

   It is rare for anyone to wear the same brand day-in, day-out regardless of whether they're headed to a long hard day's toil at the office or dancing away the weekend with a Blue WKD in hand. Yet, that said, it is with no hesitation that I suggest that not a single day goes by without my face being adorned by a pair of Specspost men's glasses .

   In this post, I'll be highlighting some of my favourite items of theirs beginning with these Tamla glasses . They're currently available for just £29.99 which is fantastic value for money by anyone's standards and come with a certifiable two thumbs up from this writer. Part of Specspost's "Geek Chique" range, they're an ideal pair of eye-wear for anyone who fancies dabbling with a "book-ish" look.

   From the same range, these "Alfie" glasses  (inspired, of course, by the iconic Michael Caine character), boasting thick dark frames, are a perennial favourite of mine. They're just as perfect being teamed with a jumper/blazer combo for days buried up to my neck with text books in the library as they are attending Get Up Kids reunion concerts. At the latter event, I'm always quite certain that less than ten per cent of attendees sporting similair eye-wear styles will actually require prescription lenses. That said, my rules regarding these style of glasses, or indeed any clothes in general, is that if Jarvis Cocker has ever worn anything similar, then you should too.

   The final pair of glasses in this spotlight post are these "Charlie Brown" glasses which presently retail at just £24! A perfect alternative to black frames, these wayfarers are also available in tortoiseshell and constitute a subtle variation on classic geek glasses. They're currently my day-to-day glasses of choice and usually the first thing I reach for in the morning and the last thing I put down at night - something quite rare for any brand!

* These glasses were kindly provided by Specspost for review purposes.


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