Guest Post: LATHER's Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub

   Today's post at The Totality is a guest blog written by Bart Kaczanowicz - a man partial to all things that tingle and foam, face-masks, beauty, and is a vodka (extra, extra dry martini with a twist) connoisseur. He thirsts for the latest and greatest, but persuaded only by "what works." Born and raised in Poland, but has lived in NYC since 1999. Currently splits time between NY and rural CT. Degree in Media Studies, has worked in PR and Social Media for beauty and fashion companies small and large. Aspires to spend more time with Gwyneth Paltrow, and to be more Eva Chen-like every day. Clever, snarky, and baby, he was born this way!

   Remember when you could purchase only one basic body scrub with ground walnut shells? Neither can I.

   Thanks to the wonders of innovation, today you can select from brown sugar, raw sugar, ground coffee, salt, oil, and countless powders--to exfoliate your largest organ (that's your skin, by the way). Those with even more adventurous palates, order up their gommage with a side of shea butter, almond, honey, peppermint or just about whatever their senses desire. Body scrubs are #OutOfControl.

   Of the three body scrubs I personally keep in rotation, the only one I'd consider selling a part of my soul for is LATHER's Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub , also marketed as LATHER's exfoliating body cleanser. It comes in a jar and can appear slightly unappealing, but so do I before I get in the shower. The grit is a mix of half paste, half crumbles and emits a distinct lemongrass scent.

   If you're running late and only have a minute to shower, use another scrub. Use LATHER only when you have the time to fully experience it and enjoy it. Time is money and you're definitely worth it.

   Its directions couldn't be more simple: wet your skin, apply the LATHER scrub, and massage it in. A foam is created and releases the amazing aromatics and your hard core cleansing session has begun. This scrub is not gentle. I feel increased blood circulation immediately after each use and love every minute of it. Ideally, have someone join your ritual in the bath and have them do your back (and save the planet). As an added bonus, the scrub rinses clean and never leaves a trace behind.

   The cleansing properties come predominantly from walnut shell and bamboo stem powders. Other all natural ingredients include aloe vera juice and a wide array of extracts: sugar cane, lemon, orange, apple and green tea, to name a few. There are no synthetic fragrance nor colors and no animals were experimented on to create any LATHER products.

   In my opinion the exfoliating performance of this product is immensely enhanced by its crisp scent of lemongrass. The spa experience rivals a private outdoor shower at Indonesia's most luxurious resorts. (I've actually not yet been, so I'm relying on my sometimes very vivid imagination.)

   Now, for a tip you'll thank me for. When you've had a very late night with one too many martinis and wake up wondering where you were, take a long hot shower, use the LATHER lemongrass bamboo scrub, and I promise you will be 90% revived. The remaining 10% is most reliably achieved by having an egg sandwich or a bagel.

   If you're lucky, you'll encounter LATHER hotel amenities while traveling but I have never seen this particular item in the hotel program line up. LATHER has opened a handful of retail shops in the US and offer white glove customer service at .

   At $38 for an 8 oz jar (and $68 for 16 0z), The Bamboo Lemongrass scrub isn't cheap, but it's a spa treat that you won't regret. And, you deserve it. LATHER partners up with many 'green' organizations as well as USO (adding a touch of home to the military) and Anti-Slavery International. The amount of good they do justifies the splurge.


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