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   After England's opening defeat - are you feeling the post-Italy blues?

   Unsure how to pick yourself up after another abject performance by Wayne Rooney?

   Are you worried about Luis Suarez making short work of the Three Lions - pulverising us in a manner which Pirlo et al could only dream about?

   Well fret ye not - here's something to take your mind away from the often glum professions of supporting England whilst celebrating all that is good and grand about "the beautiful game".

   888sport   are currently running a campaign called ' Bet You Can ' - a competition designed to celebrate grassroots football players. The players and teams who operate for their love of the game (as opposed, one might say, to some of the more mecurial mercenaries on the world stage who will fake umbrage at forgotten birthdays so as to seek more money than the six figure weekly salary currently bestowed upon them by their oligarch employees).

   If you, or your friends, are one of these players - one who turns out for their local team on a weekly basis, come rain or shine - then Bet888's competition could be ideal for you.

   In return for showcasing your silky smooth footy skills, you can win a £3'000 sponsorship for your local football team and also get the chance to perform your winning routine at half-time at a Leyton Orient football match.

   It's entirely up to you how to spend the winning money - new kits, training equipment or a refurbishment are just some of the many examples.

   Perhaps, even, part of the joy of entering the competition could come from showing a certain former Evertonian how its done?

   In order to take part, grab a ball and a camera or phone to film yourself doing keepy-uppies - the more bravura, the better.

   If, somehow, you're not entirely certain what a keepy-uppy is - cast your eyes to the left: 888sport have put together this Infographic telling you everything you needed to know about the skill and its origins.

   Did you know, for example, that the keepie-uppie originated in Scotland. Add that to deep fried Mars bars and television in the list of great inventions coming to us from North of the Border.

   When filming your video - maybe have a think at what the best attention seeking stunt you can pull can be. Can you think as creatively as (the now retired) David Bentley's ingenious manner of showcasing of his skills - the infamous kicking a ball into a skip..

   Or, like Keving Keegan in the late 90s, can you find a way to convince the Prime Minister to join in? (Though its hard to imagine David Cameron being as deceptively brilliant at head tennis as his Cool Britannia prototype Tony Blair was - a man as comfortable at crafting PR soundbites as he was making astute Fantasy Football observations on Football Focus. Anybody else remember when he highlighted the combined worth of Teddy Sheringham, Steed Malbranque and Arjan De Zeeuw before one set of Saturday fixtures. He was like a clairvoyant in smasual clothing)/

   Perhaps you can do them in a weird or wacky location? Where's the most eye-catching place you can (safely) practice your keepy uppy skills?

   To be eligible, your video has to feature at least 14 keepy-uppies in less than 20 seconds.

   Once you've done this, upload your video to the Bet You Can site and share it with your friends, family and colleagues - the winner is the video which gets the most votes from the public. As an added bonus - the first fifty entries also receive a free 888sport t-shirt!

   For inspiration, you can have a sneak peek at some of the current entries by clicking here - have you got the skills to match them?

   Also remember - if possible, try to be a bit more careful than the following entry:

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  1. I can't string together three keepy ups but I'd be better than enyone playing for England tonight

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