Lacoste Live! Fragrance Review

   Summer, as we are all aware, is the season of perspiration as the warming rays of the sun beat down on us with relentless enthusiasm - if we are lucky, the heat will envelope us with a total lack of clemency, sweltering us and bringing with it the relaxing qualities which can only be found in such a temperate climate.

   Yet, as much as we enjoy the heat, the sun's rays are not the most becoming to us gentlemen retaining our most pleasing aromas. As such, it is perhaps the most important time of the entire year we must make certain that  we give ourselves a helping hand in this department with the selection of appropriate milks, deodorants and, most importantly, colognes.

    Lacoste L!VE , the latest fragrance from the iconic brand, represents perhaps the most ideal choice of eau du toillete for the summer months mixing, as it does, traditional masculine scents with seasonal aromas. The bottle, packaged in a stylish cube, contains a concoction of pleasing scents and smells aimed at stimulating the senses without overbearing them.

   One of the most instantly obvious fragrances of note from Lacoste Live comes in the form of a refreshing, revitalising lime which emanate in the top notes and give the scent its energy. The complementary heart of the fragrance, one which adds the essential seasonal freshness to the product, is present in the form of green leaves; the birch leach effect and the aforementioned lime entwine when hitting the nasal passages, the scents going as well together as, say, Kroos and Khedira.

   Other ingredients which help create the light and breezy scent of Lacoste Live include Guaiac Wood,  Licorice and Orris. These woody components constitute the base notes of the fragrance - they add the masculine undertone upon which the sweeter elements of the smell rest upon. The base notes add to the well rounded and full-nosed nature of the aroma.

   Currently available for £47, the stylishly designed fragrance is, as mentioned, something of a must-have for dapper gents and modern men for the summer months and beyond. The aroma boasts a natural, fresh scent (one which perfectly matches the fully bloomed flora which has surreptitiously sprung up all around us) and provides a perfect counter-point to the aforementioned perspiration I noted in my over-written opening sentence.

   On my advice - go buy now!

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