Jurgen Klopp: Your Latest Style Crush

   8th October, 2015 became one of the most important days in English football; the date marked the occasion when every neutral across the country realised they suddenly, and passionately, supported Liverpool due to the unveiling of their new manager.

   As Jurgen Klopp sat down to introduce himself to a nation, scores of men instantly noticed they had a new man-crush developing; here was a man we could admire and learn from simultaneously. Whilst Klopp's commitment to high pressure, high pressing, "heavy metal" football was enough to endear him to many there was, and is, something about the way he carried himself which enamoured him to each and all of us. When he smiles, I can see the soul of a man who wouldn't consider it a big deal to run into a burning orphanage and save imperiled children; of course he'd humbly shrug and think nothing of it.

   It goes without saying that Klopp is a man of immense charm - I defy any of you to look into the pools of his pale blue eyes for more than four seconds and not be smitten by the glimmer contained within, a twinkle hinting at his euphoric joie de vivre, his love of life. His laugh, and smile too, are infectious. Its not too much of a stretch to imagine his conviviality in a pub setting; he'd almost certainly astonish you with anecdotes of Bavaria, his awareness of obscure indie-pop and a knowledge of pale ales which would put the landlord to shame (though, of course, he would not gloat about any of this). Simply put, he's the best mate we all want but we'll never be cool enough to have.

   On top of this, however, Jurgen Klopp has a bloody excellent taste in clothes. For anybody else who was so talented and skilled in so many fields, it would be easy to summon feelings of jealous envy towards - with Klopp, though, its just another one of his many winning attributes which make us swoon.

   To best encapsulate how well the German dresses, it is worth considering the sartorial choices made by his peers and successors. Whilst Arsene Wenger famously adorns himself in sleeping bag-sized coats and the traditional stereotypical football coach opts for sheepskin-lined jackets, Klopp always presents himself in a style which is best described as "hipster professor". His eye-wear, perhaps the most iconic in English football since Sven's "frameless" glasses, give him an appearance half-way between Vice journalist and male model for Marks and Spencer's Spring/Summer collection. I'm certain he would be outstanding in either of those fields too.

   Aside from the designer stubble which is perma-present on his sculpted face, perhaps the most telling fashion choice from Klopp is the manner in which he styles his hair. After famously covering his sandy follicles up with yellow baseball hats at Dortmund - which, despite everything science tells us about aesthetics, was a look he could pull off with aplomb - Klopp's hair is a thing of majesty constantly telling a story in front of our eyes.

   Klopp's virile mop begins each game of football stylised but with the constant impression its just been ruffled by an elderly relative he's thoughtfully gone to visit. Yet, by the end of every 90 minutes, if we look close enough, its possible to tell the score of each game from the man simply by studying the manner in which his follicles arrange themselves. Usually, to reflect the energetic manner in which he lays his team out, Klopp's appearance is wild with jutting strands reflecting the fact his Liverpool team have contrived to concede three easily defendable goals. If only his full-backs were as dependable as Klopp's sartorial choices - if they were, they'd be top of the league.

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