Tom Cridland to Open New Store

   With the festive season out of the way, many of us will be conducting something of a "closet audit" to make way for the scores of new socks we inevitably (and gratefully) received on Christmas morn. Scuffed jeans, weathered knit-wear and dated shirts will all be thrown into charity shop bags as our heart wrestles with the decision of whether or not to throw away decade old band T-shirts that no longer fit. I might decide to wear Andrew WK shirts in public again one day, right?

   The desire to hoard clothes long part the sell-by date is strong in each of us (particularly those, like this Yorkshire-based writer, who do their best to uphold stereotypes about the "tightness" or, rather "frugality" of the region). With that said, it makes sound economic sense to invest in clothing that won't need to be replaced in a hurry even if it does cost a little more in the short term. So, for example, a pair of Doc Martens (which should, self evidently, be a staple in every man's wardrobe) will last at least a decade longer than a pair of Primark canvas shoes and, as such, justify the outlay.

   This brings me to the subject of today's post - Tom Cridland. A 25 year old London-based designer, Cridland is perhaps best known for what his eponymous brand have named as The Thirty Year Sweatshirt; a "luxury jumper that is so well made we guarantee it to last for three decades". Not only, as mentioned, is such a sustainable item of fashion a potential lifesaver for one's wallet but its also a great garment to own for environmental measures too - the carbon footprint, and material waste, associated with endless seasonal patterns of consumption are immense. As a bonus, Cridland's designs also have the kudos of being rather aesthetically pleasing; celebrity clients include the always immaculately groomed Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeremy Piven, Nile Rogers and Frankie Valli amongst others.
   The brand has seen remarkable growth from the £6'000 grant received in 2014 - in the first year, Tom Cridland saw a turnover of over £250'000 and continues its expansion with a new flagship store opening in London on Monday, January 11th at 340 King's Road, SW3 5UR. Alongside the Thirty Year Sweatshirt, the stock will also include The Thirty Year T-shirt alongside a 2016 range.

   You can follow Tom Cridland on  Facebook Twitter  and  Instagram .


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