Trevor Sorbie Male Grooming Fibre Wax Review

   An age ago, in my younger years, my hair care routine was much simpler than it is now in this, my more advanced stage of adulthood. Back in the halcyon days of my late teenage years my (then thicker) locks were tended to but once a year style-wise; my hair-care was as austere as a George Osbourne budget (though I do like to hope that less working class people were hurt as the results of my actions).

   Instead of taking the time to get regular cuts and procrastinating each morning on the manner in which to style my follicles, I would, simply, shave my hair once in July and then let it grow out for an entire year. It was the lowest of low maintenance. Surprisingly, however, I never once had a bad hair day for a number of years and it was a system that worked well.... until it didn't.

   As I've aged, and my face has become rounder, I no longer have the features that can pull of the skinhead look. Whereas once I had cheekbones as sharp as a razor's edge, my "fuller" face is softer, less angular: in short, sensible haircuts are my only option now.

   As such, as I try and (largely) maintain the looks of a dapper adult, hair-care has become a much higher priority for me. My band T-shirts have largely gone too, replaced by shirts and ties and equally tidy hair-styles are required to match the newly found smartness of my sartorial choices. As such, hair products are often required to stop me looking like Eraserhead. This is where  Trevor Sorbie Fibre Wax comes in.

   Trevor Sorbie, for those in the know, has put his name to a range of men's styling products and, of all of them, this may be my favourite. The Fibre Wax constitutes a soft, flexible blend and provides medium hold - so not as strong as the brand's clay - and something of a shine; its recommended for men with short to mid-length hair. When it comes to my morning styling these days, the wax is ideal for pushing hair off one's face and, as such, is perfectly suitable for those looking to recreate the retro side parting currently favoured by hipsters and footballers alike.

   Only a small amount is needed per application and has been designed entirely with the wearer in mind; using the product is easy and ideal for those, like myself, with little time to mold or sculpt one's hair as much as I'd like before work. Alas, I had much more time during the years when my hair needed little attention - this seems pretty wrong to me on a karmic level.

   Finally, and referring back to the fibre wax again, as an added bonus - although one I'm not likely to require much in  Bradford - is the additional UV protection found in the product. If you're in more temperate climates, this will protect your scalp from the harmful rays of the sun. Looking great and not getting burnt - its a great combo.

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