Function 18: Adidas Tour360 Boost Golf Shoe Review

   I've written previously, here at The Totality , of my kinship with golfing and golfing-inspired clothing and will debate passionately with anyone who chooses to take up the debate that golfers are clearly the best dressed of all sportsmen.

   In fact, bar cricket-inspired ensembles, is there any one other set of sporting attire which can be successfully integrated into a man's wardrobe without it coming across as some form of bizarre novelty? Football and rugby shirts are generally low rent and appear like fancy dress items - "look, I've come dressed as Ryan Giggs" - whilst it would be borderline obscene for anyone to wear the clothes of a professional wrestler on a day to day basis.

   Today's post provides further evidence of the exceptional sartorial elegance found with-in golfing circles courtesy of Function 18 .

   Anybody who follows fashion and design will be able to recognise the iconic silhouette and three-stripe branding on display in the  Adidas Tour360 Boost Golf Shoe F33260 - a minimalist style triumph which combines sleek aesthetics with innovative practicality. Primarily monochrome, with splashes of red trim, these have to be amongst the most handsome shoes currently on the market - it is no wonder that they represent some of the most sought after sporting footwear of 2016.

   The shoe, accordingly, is aimed at both the fashion-conscious and those looking to make significant shifts on their golfing handicaps too.

   As Adidas represent the go-to manufacturer of choice for golf heroes such as Sergio Garcia and Dustin Johnson, it is almost assured on a brand-level that the FF3260s will be rather excellent - it almost goes without saying.

   Yet, to make assumptions based on past experiences alone, is to deny one's self the knowledge of, and pleasure of experiencing, the comfort associated with the pioneering "Boost" foam cushioning found within this range: the innovation comprises of thousands of fused together TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) energy capsules. Whilst this padding had previously appeared only in the heels of previous Adidas shoes, and then only in certain sizes, this is the first time the cushioning has been made widely available across the forefront of the footwear, too, across all measurements.

   These are, ultimately, lightweight, breathable and flexible shoes, ideal for the sport, and combine fashionable exteriors with highly comfortable interiors and, equally, high quality ThinTech split-stud cleats perfect for maintaining one's stability out on the green with their high-powered grip. Working in synchronicity with the Boost cushioning, the cleats make certain that the shoes' padding is absorbent without ever becoming bouncy, steady without restrictive - its a great combination! Of note, too, is the ergonomic design incorporated into the S-shaped heel support aimed at matching the natural contours of the back of one's foot - its such subtle design elements which have ensured that Adidas have established themselves, and remain as, market leaders and pioneers in the sport shoe market.

   Currently retailing at £129, and available in an array of alternate colours and variations, these robust items are surely the "must-have" shoe for golfers of all levels looking to spend time on the course this year.

    For those unfamiliar with Function 18, the retailers who provided these shoes, their collections of golfing goods are, to put it lightly, excellent.

   Stocking name brands including, amongst dozens more, Calvin Klein, Ekko Golf, Nike, Oakley and Tom Tom, Function 18's ranges provide everything one could possibly ask for (aside from the greens themselves) for getting started, or upgraded, for a game of golf. From footwear through to trousers, underwear, knitwear, head wear and even bags and balls too, their online store caters to every single aspect of preparation for the game one could consider. Not sure what the temperamental British weather is going to be like this spring or summer? There are both sunglasses and waterproofs available for you to hedge your bets.

    You can follow Function 18 on Facebook here and, if you'd like, you can send them tweets here too.


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