The Bluebeards Revenge - Making Bad Guys Look Good

   They say it is possible to judge someone by the company they keep. So, being introduced to The Bluebeards Revenge as an official marketing partner of the much anticipated Suicide Squad is potentially great testament for the FHM Award Winning brand.

   The Bluebeards Revenge, who proclaim they've been "Making bad guys look good since 2010", indeed seem to be the perfect collaborator to team with for the forthcoming Warner Bros release. The movie, which features an array of DC's most iconic and aesthetically bold figures, matches TBR in terms of tone and rebellious branding also. This is great synergy.

   To celebrate the partnership, too, the grooming gurus are going all out and running a competition in which they are offering the opportunity to attend a private screening to one lucky squad - a rather wonderful prize I'm sure you'll agree. For full details and to enter: click here . If you win, be sure to remember who told you about this fantastic competition in the first place!

   So, after my discovery of the brand through their partnership with the forthcoming summer blockbuster, I was intrigued to learn whether the products themselves were as impressive as the swaggering and masculine designs which feature throughout their ranges: Were they set to be all style and no substance ( like Batman v Superman )? Or are TBRs products as cool, suave and winning as my instincts assumed ( like Iron Man 3 )?

   I'm pleased as punch and happy as Larry to report that The Bluebeards Revenge delivers in spades. For this writer there are three different types of shaving experience - the disastrous (usually experienced between 15-18, lots of cuts, bum fluff left on face); the perfunctory (most shaves); and the fantastic. My shaving experience with TBR fell easily at the higher end of the latter category - my skin was left smooth as can, revitalised and re-energised also.

   The brand's deluxe kit - currently available at just £34.99 - come with two highly enthusiastic thumbs up. Featuring pre-shave oil, shaving cream, a post-shave balm and a "Doubloon" bristle brush (plus a nice bonus of an antiperspirant deodorant), there's all you could possibly need for a decent shave and is a cost (and time) effective way to spruce one's appearance up.

   Whilst there are no inventions here aimed at revolutionising the wheel (these are straight forward shaving products), what must be noted here is the high quality of each item. The paraben-free cream is easy to apply and takes only a small amount to lather on sufficiently - its only when pulling a razor across one's skin, though, is it possible to tell just how densely concentrated the cream is. It would take some effort to damage yourself with this applied yet, once finished, I was also incredibly impressed by how smooth to the touch my face felt.

   The absolute best product here - found in a box in which each item rates much higher than simply proficient - is the post-shave balm. As mentioned above, whilst I found the quality of the shave to be almost immaculate (removing all my facial hair without even a hint of a burn), applying the cooling agent upon completion was a sensation I'll simply cherish for some time. Featuring both Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera, the balm has a restorative quality which nourishes the skin and its appearance and, more than that, provides the instant gratification of an alluring aroma. The soothing sensation, as the balm seeps into one's skin is certainly not without its charm too.

   It should be noted that  The Bluebeards Revenge also stock a multitude of gift sets which include cut-throat razors and other up-scale barbershop items. Whilst I've previously enjoyed a number of cut-throat experiences on my travels (I particularly recommend The Art of Shaving if you ever find yourself in Las Vegas - its the best I've had yet), I'd previously been too scared to try such a feat at home. TBR, however, may just have given me the confidence to expand my horizons in the future - they're a brand I trust. I can definitely see why they're the bad guy's choice.


  1. I really wanted to like this brand they have some fantastic products but i cant get over the blatant sexism and hypermasculinity its ok to have a laugh and joke but i feel like this brand takes it way to far

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    1. I understand the "real men" thing being potentially a problematic piece of branding for some. Personally, I've got no issue with that - I see it as just a way for them to reach out to men who might not usually be interested in grooming products with language that they can relate to rather than any type of value judgement. But, that said, I can see why you've come to the conclusion you have.


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