Men's Maintenance: Let Scrubbox Take Care of the Essentials!

   Whist Beauty Boxes for women are already well established in the market-place, it is seldom that one comes across a similar set-up for men. Yet, this is not because there is a lack of demand in the market for such a thing - indeed, the male grooming and lifestyle market is currently in the midst of a rapid and unprecedented expansion as men across the globe are taking more time and spending more money on personal maintenance and looking after themselves.

   Thankfully, I recently received an e-mail from a company called Scrubbox who have a rather genius subscription based model aimed solely at the less fair sex. Their modus operandus is to provide a service for men that will keep them permanently in stock of all the essentials they will ever need - with the subscriber deciding, based on their own maintenance regime, exactly what that entails. This means that it is possible to order a very basic "Wash 'n' Go" package (toothpaste, shower gel and deodorant) through to the most luxurious "Full Monty" which features all of the following: Nivea Moisturiser, Radox Showergel, Gilette Mach3 blades x4, Head & Shoulders Shampoo, Colgate Toothpaste, Sure Deodorant and King of Shaves Oil. This service allows you to eliminate the regular hassle of purchasing these essentials and, as such, allows one extra time to do more valuable things with your life rather than queuing (such as reading KC's Man Blog  or these six things ). As well as choosing which package to receive the subscriber can also modify the frequency of which they receive them - it is a classy, bespoke system!

   The best thing about the Scrubbox maintenance packs is that rather than simply bundling together some "end of the line" products, marking up the price and throwing them into a parcel like some female "mystery" beauty boxes have been known to do, you know exactly what you are about to receive - and, on top of this, the items in the box work out at retail value with the added bonus of free postage and package! As you can see by the picture above, the gentlemanly form of address on the complimentary box I received  in and of itself, is enough to raise a smile! (Kieron Barr is, in case you were unaware, this author's Twitter handle .)

   In summary of Scrubbox I have nothing but the most positive things to say about the company, its manifesto, its business model, the box I received and the products within it. The only problem now is that, with this service ensuring that you will never run out of all the essentials you need for men's maintenance, there is no longer any excuses for looking anything less than your best!

   For more information about the service you can check the Scrubbox FAQs and speak to them on Twitter .

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  1. Oh that is not fair! Why can't women's boxes come with chocolate! XD
    Haha i got a laugh out of this (but I was seriously jealous....) lol

    I think it's great that guys can have products and boxes just like girls do. They should! Most of my guy friends consider personal maintenance silly and "un-manly". >____> Makes no sense!

    Anyway haha thanks for the follow on twitter. Nice blog :)


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