Top Japanese Clothing Brands: Uniqlo

   As mentioned in my last couple of posts, Asian fashion, despite being among the most forward thinking in the world, is often neglected from coverage in the mainstream Western media. Whilst my last article featured a brief overview on Korean style (due to the fact that an in-depth analysis, particularly of both sexes, could constitute a whole blog's worth of material), these next two posts aim to feature some of the more readily-available brands from Japan which can easily be integrated into your wardrobe to help revitalise your look. This introductory post focuses on a world famous clothing staple and highlights some of their incredible products currently available.


   One of the better known brands on this list, Uniqlo (株式会社ユニクロ) have outlets across Asia as well as in France, Russia, the USA and the UK. The brand pose as both a designer and a retailer and are always at the cutting edge of sophisticated fashion. Their growth rate seems unstoppable; Uniqlo's Seoul store broke all Korean fashion sales records when it opened in November 2011 and the brand aim to open up to 200 stores in the USA with sales targets for the region of $10 billion by 2020. Browsing their catalogues it is easy to see why - whilst I had aimed at picking out just one item per brand to display I really could not choose one favourite from these four wonderful jackets:

   This Chesterfield coat is, quite remarkably, currently available for less than £100. It's an item that will never fall out of fashion with those who like to make concise statements with their dapper sartorial choices and represents the perfect winter wear.

   This heritage-inspired Herringbone Jacket is debonair chic at it's finest. Although the Uniqlo site recommends wearing the jacket with a pair of jeans I would advise against this as I have previously made my stance on denim very clear . However, if you do decide to shy away from this advice I would suggest making sure to wear measured (i.e. not skinny or loose fitting) darker denim or risk diluting the quality of the £89.90 jacket.

   This Check Tweed Jacket is perhaps my preferred item here. As with the Herringbone Jacket, the coat costs just shy of £90 and can be used to add a bit of character to a white-shirt/evening event ensemble. Whilst Uniqlo suggest the item can be dressed down with chinos or cargo shorts, the best way to maximise this item's aesthetic potential is to team with formal attire.

   The final item (and the third currently re-tailing at £89.90) is this Wool Blended Pea Jacket . No man's wardrobe can not be improved with the addition of a pea coat and this durable jacket should make an ideal candidate for topping any gentleman's early Christmas list!


  1. Ah I love that last one! ;___; To die for. Do they make clothes for women too? :D
    I didn't know of any japanese brands. As i said before, i wish i were more fashionable haha I could use help XD

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  2. I wish I had more money to buy all those jackets!
    They do indeed do Women's clothes too -!WOMEN
    I can't tell whether I think this top is great or not:

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  3. The check tweed jacket is looking fabulous, when combined with denim jeans it will give the perfect look, the price is also very reasonable, lets see if i can find it in my local area market.

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