Beard Lube by Jack Black Review

   When it comes to facial hair I have a number of problems - I've previously mentioned my ill-advised dalliances with moustaches and the problems having naturally blond hair pose for those experimenting with beards. In order to maximise any facial hair growth, and to make sure it can be seen by people regardless of which angle they view me at, I have to grow out my stubble for at least two weeks; by the time this period is over I begin to resemble one of the worse looking members of Biffy Clyro, Kings of Leon or one of those other bands with guitars and singers.

    The other problem I have is when I DO shave - despite the fact that I am well past legal drinking age, when I am clean shaven I have to carry my passport with me at all times in case I get the sudden urge to run in to a pub and order a Luca-Buca*, due to the fact I resemble a pre-pubescent owl.

   Alas, it is often the non-bearded route I take (passport-shaped bulging pockets be damned). As such, for the next few weeks I will be highlighting a different shaving foam or cream every Friday in a different post starting with today's offering from Jack Black (not that one).

   Unlike most shaving products, Jack Black's Beard Lube is instantly distinguishable as it does not froth or come in a cream but rather takes the form of a translucent gel. Aside from this obvious superficial difference, the beard lube also attempts to find it's own niche in the men's grooming market by acting as something of a "one size fits all" cure for men's ailments; it takes the place of a foam/lubricant whilst simultaneously providing moisturisation and acts also as a pre-shave oil. The question is - does Jack Black's lube do all three jobs up to a sufficient standard?

   In short, the answer is a resounding "yes". The product is easy to apply and provides a soothing coat of protection which stops any friction or burning of the skin whilst allowing one to have a deep and thorough shave without worrying about post-shave rashes or irritations. The lotion itself does not gunk up the razor like many products, and also exudes a masculine musk (which comes from, in part, the ingredients of peppermint and eucalyptus; two of my favourite smells in men's grooming products). On top of the fact the quality of shave whilst using the beard lube is significantly higher than when using a budget foam, the fact that one can cut down on the costs, and time, of having to apply a post-shave moisturiser adds to the overall experience and satisfaction one can gain from the product.

   The main problem with Jack Black Beard Lube is that now I am clean-shaven I have, once more, begun to resemble a pre-maturation owl - which is, of course, less a problem with the product itself and more a symptom of my round face and narrow nose affliction. For those without such problems, the product comes highly recommended.

 *A Luca-Buca is perhaps the world's best cocktail. It's ingredients are Lucozade and Sambuca. You can feel your teeth rotting at roughly the same speed as the drink's emasculatory and dignity stripping qualities kick in. To buy one of these whilst clean shave I do of course have to carry my passport to the bar which, in turn, informs the landlords I'm a good decade too old for such a concoction.

 The Jack Black Beard Lube was kindly provided to me by The Hut


  1. While it wont be of use to myself I will keep this in my mind to recommend to the men in my life :) thanks!

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  2. I'm testing this one at the moment - Jury's still out for me. I like it but not sure I would use it over some of the other products I have at the moment. Seems to be a bit 'Jack Black of all trades, master of none' If you'll pardon the awful pun. Nonetheless, the image of you as a youthful owl is rather lulzy.

    The Blogging Bloke

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    1. "Jack Black of all trades" made me laugh out loud.
      Personally was quite impressed with this - certainly great for folk like myself who have to shave in a hurry most days.

  3. Beard transplantation is done in areas where there is no hair or where the growth is thin. causes of beard dandruff

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  4. Most men know just about keeping the facial hair very much trimmed and brushed out however it requires somewhat more push to have a sparkly and solid beard oil

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