Men's Shampoo Review: Men-U Daily Refresh

   As part of a new weekly men's hair care series on my site, last week I looked at American Crew whilst today I give my thoughts on Men-U's Daily Refresh shampoo

  As mentioned previously, if my hair is not given the attention it craves, my follicles become unruly like a vengeful unloved wild dog, a spectral hound from an Arthur Conan Doyle novel. Were I not to apply any type of care to my hair for a week I would quickly take the appearance of a bedraggled extra from Braveheart. It becomes as wild as a beauty blogger who can't buy their half price MUA products due to IT errors. That kind of thing. So, as you can tell, and as mentioned in my previous post, it's imperative I utilise the correct products in my shower routine.

   Men-U's Daily Refresh markets itself as being suitable for all hair types which is perfect for someone such as myself who, aside from having density as a problem, has no real issues with their hair (mine is neither naturally greasy or too dry). As such, a shampoo like this, which aims to revitalise and recharge without "stripping the hair of it's natural moisutre", on paper seemed like a good fit for my grooming needs.

  Men-U's shampoo has an incredibly fresh, energetic clean smell - perfect for refreshing post-exercise - and, on top of this, re-energises the hair with a gentle wash, removing all grease and other unwanted build-up without overpowering the follicles. These qualities make the shampoo ideal for use in a post-workout shower and compliments, perfectly, more "sports based" deodorants. As the wash it provides is rather gentle, it is advisable to use a conditioner in conjunction and, so as to not neutralise the energetic clean aroma of Men-U's shampoo, this too should boast similar bright qualities - a matching Men-U conditioner would be perfect in this instance.

   Boasting up to 120 washes for only £7.95 (although this may not be applicable to the gentleman who sports slightly longer styles such as myself) means the highly condensed product makes for remarkable value. If used daily, as suggested, this product would only need purchasing three times a year which makes for a total annual shampoo outlay of less than £25! Fantastically, too, is the fact the condensed nature of the product means that the packaging allows for ease of transportation meaning it is no hassle to keep up a hair care routine whilst on the road, a holiday or at the gym. The locking top also means that accidental spills, or piercing of packaging, should also be kept to a minimum.

   This shampoo was kindly provided to me by Mankind .


  1. A set like that actually sounds like a good gift idea, (I hate buying for men!) but know a number who'd prefer something like this compared to your typical Lynx set :)

    Particularly loved reading this post.

    Naomi xxx

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    1. Hi Naomi - thank you!
      I'd definitely recommend this as a present and completely understand how difficult it is to buy for men!
      Getting some more Men-U posts up soon - hopefully will rate their other products as highly as this (they should be arriving soon!)


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