OOTD: James Spader x Mr Magorium

Trousers - Next / Tie - Marks and Spencer /  Shirt - M&S /
Scarf - Topman / Cardigan - Fly53 / Coat - Gift (source unknown)
   Before you ask, the answer is: John Frieda shampoo, rinse, John Frieda shampoo, rinse, John Frieda conditioner, rinse.

   Recently, as you can see, I've begun to grow my hair out a small amount and, in the process, my physical appearance has begun to channel my inner James Spader.

   For this outfit, I've plumped for varying shades of greys and blacks  to form the base of the ensemble and act as an anchor to the colourful flourish the scarf provides. It's a simple but effective way of creating contrast in a clothing composition without looking like an extra from Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium.

   In terms of layering, I've worn a tie because, to be frank, I will look for any excuse to sport one, and I believe neck-wear to always make a winning combination when teamed with a cardigan (an item no man should be without).

   For outwear I've worn a duffel coat for the primary reason it's cold outside! Additional to the unforgiving climate is the fact that 90% of men's coats are garish beyond comprehension and no-one has ever looked bad in a coat of this style - it's a safe, safe choice!


  1. Lol! John Frieda for luscious locks?

    Love the duffel, ...hate the cardigan (sorry, I think cardis are for Grandads!), but surprisingly don't mind the scarf (and I think it looks great with the coat).

    I like the tie too :)

    Naomi xxx

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    1. Fair play - personally I'll look for any excuse to wear a cardigan but definitely understand they're not everyone's cup of tea!

    2. Thanks! I like jumpers, but yeah cardigans aren't my cup of tea lol! :)I do think the cardigan breaks up the outfit well though; adding that little bit more colour!

      Naomi xxx

  2. Fashion is a general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing or furniture.

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