Billy Jealousy Wanderlust Travel Kit Review

   Before even beginning to discuss the actual products that Billy Jealousy create it would be remiss of me to not state how perfectly cool the branding and design of their ranges are. Their crisp and concise retro Asian-style typography and graphics permeate effortless chic and, in a world where "the first bite is with the eye", it was hard to not be an instant convert before even trying their grooming lines. Thankfully, Billy Jealousy transpire to not just be a superficial brand as each of the four products in their Men's Wanderlust Travel Kit are exceptional in their own right. (Quick note: In the period between receiving this kit and writing this post, the contents have altered slightly with the conditioner being replaced by a rather excellent sounding shave cream and hair gel)

  The crowning glory of the Wanderlust Travel kit is, without a doubt in my mind, the Fuzzy Logic Hair Strengthening Shampoo. In keeping with the Asian iconography of the brand's design, the product has a rich herbaceous aroma with a base note firmly rooted in Ginseng. The main component of the rather delightful smell of the shampoo, however, is peppermint - something I always enjoy finding in any grooming product I try.

   The consistency of the shampoo itself is refreshing and reassuring - rather than foaming up an undue amount due to any unnecessary addition of too much SLS, the Fuzzy Logic comes in a clear lather which easily flows through the hair. Post-wash, the shampoo leaves the product with natural moisture (rather than drying it out completely) but also stripped and completely cleansed of any build up of grease or other unwanted conditions.

  Like the shampoo, the conditioner has made something of a name for itself as being recognised as one of the best hair care treatments currently available regardless of hair type and has previously won, amongst other accolades, the Men's Health Grooming Best Conditioner award.

   The conditioner, again strongly grounded with a herbal essence, does not quite have the strength of smell as the Fuzzy Logic shampoo but the aroma it does permeate is certainly not unbecoming - my one criticism, however, would be that when used in context with the shampoo this slightly different and more subtle aroma can be overwhelmed.

   Also similar to the Fuzzy Logic is the post-shower sense that the hair treatment has more than successfully completed its task - whilst the shampoo relieves the hair of impurities, the Cashmere Coat conditioner leaves the hair feeling a new vitality and imbibed with life once more. In combination, the two work greatly as a maintenance team and do an excellent job of reviving and revitalising the hair.


   This Illicit Pearlized Body Wash has my favourite of all Billy Jealousy products' colour schemes. In keeping with the rest of Jealousy's grooming products the rich smell derives from a combination of plants and herbs and, in this instance, eschews ivy and sandalwood quite strongly producing a classy and distinct smell.

   Aside from scent, the real bonus of the Body Wash comes from the moisturising qualities it provides. Boasting organic ingredients such as hemp seed oil and vitamin E, the product feels good to the touch and helps soften the skin although a heavier exfoliator could be required in some circumstances. However, for a simple refreshing and cleansing wash, you can't o far wrong with this.

   This White Knight Daily Facial Cleanser again boasts some fantastic ingredients including Rosemary Leaves. The musky scent it subtly permeates is also entirely natural as no fragrances are added to the product.

   It's an invigorating, albeit gentle, wash which simultaneously manages to remove any impurities from the skin (including excessive oil) without drying up the T-zone too much as some over eager cleansers are known to do. This is partly attributable to the fact that, like all high quality grooming products, the White Knight Cleanser is both paraben and SLS free.

   Overall, I'm a huge fan of each of these Billy Jealousy products and none really have any major flaws as they all do exactly what they aim to do and do so incredibly well. My preference of the four, however, is the shampoo as I adored the peppermint aroma and loved how it left my hair feeling but would recommend any of the four items in a heartbeat.

* This Wanderlust Travel set was kindly provided by Mankind .

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