Pet's Fashion Interview: Moe by Kang part 2

Yesterday at The Totality we chatted with Constance of Moe by Kang about her new pet fashion clothing line Moe by Kang , the idea and the ideologies behind it. Today you can find out how to contribute to this project and see it through to the next level.

The project has also got you thinking about the wider meaning of fashion and, indeed, our connections with the pets we “own” – in this way, it approaches fashion with a real artist’s sensibility that is often not found in many high street clothing lines. It also shows how you are approaching pet’s fashion from a completely different angle to many of the more “perfunctory” lines out there. What do you believe that the current market currently lacks that Moe by Kang can provide? 

The current pet fashion market lacks so many artistic elements. As you can see, MOE by KANG has a totally different ideology. We value design, art, spirit and the quality of the garment. Profits and all other dubious business are insignificant. Our audience would be writers, artists, designers… everyone with an open mind and believe in the importance of the design and eco-friendly product. We want to make sure our clothes fit pets well and want to ensure the highest comfort level. In addition to that, we also want to provide people who contributed to this big movement, fair wages and promise of better life. And as usual, we also have the responsibility in mind: we use organic fabrics to minimize the pollution, and always give back to society in needs.

You’ve taken to Kickstarter to help fund this project – it’s a platform in which individuals can become part of the project and, by donating, get rewards for their start-up funds in return. What incentives, apart from the reward of seeing through the project unto completion, can those who wish to partake in the project receive? 

Yes, besides gaining moral and self-confidence (hopefully you will, by backing such influential project), we offer our backers special rewards. The pledge starts from $1. Every backer will gain exclusive access to our kickstarter backer’s only updates, and have a shout out on social media (Facebook, Twitter). From there, backers will receive additional rewards depend on the level of pledge. We have hand-written Thank You card that is stealed with my initial wax stamp, postcard collection featuring our hot-damn adorable models with 2013 collection, MOE by KANG stickers, and collection of pins that features MOE by KANG’s super adorable dogs and cats, hand craft custom accessory with your pets’ name/photo, Loyal Supporter VIP, customized garment (pick any one you like and we will make sure it fits your pet well), iPhone case customized with your pet’s photo, MOE by KANG year book, MOE by KANG calendar, Holiday gift box, sponsored trip to NYC with hotel, dinning, Broadway show and city tour… (Check out  our kickstarter page  for detail.) For extra bonus, we also offer sponsored trip to New York/London/Paris/Milan for MOE by KANG’s first fashion show if we are funded successfully. In addition to that, if we reach the goal, we will also display every backer’s name on Time Square! We want to make this funding a meaningful and fun experience for all who supports us!

 Besides handwritten thank you card sealed with my initial wax stamp, MOE by KANG post cards featuring out hot damn and adorable models with newest collection, sticker and pin collection, hand craft customized accessory, customized garments for pets, trip to NYC and other wonderful things.

Is Kickstarter, or similar crowd-funding platforms like Indiegogo, the way to go for creative minds these days rather than pursuing traditional funding channel?

I want our backers to become part of this revolution. I am looking for supports rather than simply money. I prefer to have thousands of $1 donors instead of one $2000 donor. Kickstarter is a channel for creative ideas, it is an opportunity for me and other creative thinkers to share the idea with the world and hopeful create something out of it. Without supports, even the most intellectual idea is nothing. What we want to do as a community of world- class people is to make dreams realistic. These “dreams” will change the world in next fifty years. 

Moe by Kang is also responsible for donating a large amount of its profits to animal foundations across the world – which in particular are you most proud of helping with? 

 That is correct, we give 5-15% annual profits back to society. As I said, this is not an average “profiting” business; we want to create something meaningful. Hence part of our responsibility is to reward the society that nurtured us. Last year we helped out in Hurricane Sandy and other community events. We also donated to PETA, ASPCA and WFF. This year, we are looking forward to do something more and give back more. Even though, our main focus is to help pets in the community, but we also participate in other philanthropic category such as education and global poverty.

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