Sport Clothes: Fancy Dress or Suitable Attire?

If you wouldn't dress as Hulk Hogan on a night out, you shouldn't dress as Ryan Giggs

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.”

   To many, this may seem over harsh but, at the very base of the sentiment, I believe he’s tapped into some real logic. Yet, to make a slight amendment to the phrase, I would expand “sweatpants” to the more all-encompassing “sport-casual wear”. For example, one of the more ludicrous trends seen up and down the country for a number of years now, is that of adult males wearing replica tops of their favourite football team in an overgrown take on fancy dress. To me, wearing such an item is an admission that you no longer have a pride in your appearance and all that has been achieved is an outward appearance of juvenility or arrested development. Sport clothes, by and large, are designed solely for physical activity and to wear them whilst lounging around in, or even worse, going out, despite become strangely acceptable, is a serious “no no” for any man with an interest in clothes and a degree of self-respect. 

    That being the case, the following sentence may sound surprising. There are some strands of sport whose players can look actively stylish. I’m not referring to trends which qprofessional sports stars may wear off the pitch (for example, David Beckham’s re-invention from fashion victim to style icon or, indeed, how most of the NBA are exquisitely well dressed in their down time ) but rather there are items we can incorporate from what they wear into our everyday wardrobe. I don’t mean by this that a man should find it acceptable to wear a Man City shirt on a first date but, by looking at the composition of various sporting uniforms, there are certain dapper twists we can make on sports player styles.

   Undoubtedly, the best dressed of all sport, and I defy you to argue with this, is golf. There is no man’s wardrobe which cannot be improved by studying how a golfer composes their outfit. As the activity is one of the more leisurely, in that there are large intervals in between actions and it is a non-contact sport, golf can afford for its attire to be a bit more dapper and dignified - an elegant gentleman could, without problem, transfer over from the field of play an array of golf clothes without downgrading their wardrobe from tank tops through to pinstripe trousers, flat caps and brogues. For ladies, some would suggest the best place to look is in the field of horse racing - equestrian boots such as Hunter are a chic alternative to heels and perhaps the main source of sartorial inspiration a lady can draw from sports.

   As discussed before, however, these are certainly exceptions which prove the rule as trying to recreate sport players looks is rather ridiculous. I’ve mentioned before that I think wrestlers, for the most part, have a rather appalling take on style (they certainly don’t know how to wear waistcoats) and I doubt I would find a soul who would argue with me if I stated that it would be not wise to mimic their look for day to day wear. The difference between dressing up as a wrestler or as Ryan Giggs on a night out is negligible. Men, you should really think about this next time you want to wear a football shirt.


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