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   There are a few things that, whilst I’m not exactly ashamed of, I do not shout from the roof tops. The first is that, age thirty, I have not tried to learn the art of riding a bike since an early playground accident some twenty five years ago which left me with an inherent distrust of humanity (the teacher told me she had hold of me when she did not – I know the honourable intentions here were to give me the confidence to ride away by myself and learn independence but, instead, it’s just ingrained in my brain as the first instance in my life I realised people could lie. That I was physically hurt because of said lie traumatised little old me even more so).

   The second is that I find it next to impossible to digest tablets. On top of an allergy to Penicillin, my inability to swallow medicine has not bore me well. Usually I take the tried and tested approach of placing a tablet in my mouth and waste about two litres of pop whilst trying to swig this down my neck (usually I can empty an entire bottle of Coke whilst the tablet remains stoically in the back of my mouth). I then give in to this approach and chew the tablet up; the ingredients contained within the average capsule means that I need even more pop to wash away the foul taste and, as such, for every tablet I try and consume, it has often been the case that I will digest over 1000 calories in drink. This may be a mild exaggeration.. but not by much.

   It is with this second point in mind that my decision to review MyVitamins (which were kindly provided to me by Mankind ) seemed fool-hardy. Yet, my inability to swallow tablets was superseded by the fact my diet clearly needs more nutrients in it (as anyone who has seen my food and drink reviews can attest) and as an adult I need to redress some of the problems I should have put right by now. As seen as I don't want to forgive humans for lying yet (and I find cyclists to be amongst the most obnoxious, self centred people in the universe) I decided to confront my phagophobia (fear of swallowing) first.

These tablets above are Green Tea Extract; as tea-drinkers knows, the ingredient is renowned for its powerful antioxidant properties. Suitable for vegetarians, they are free of artificial colours, preservatives, yeast, gluten, starch and lactose. To be taken three times a day, these pack of thirty tablets last just shy of a week and a half.

   These Alpha Men Thermo tablets boast that they offer "a unique and powerful blend of nutrients all combined in this premium and scientifically driven product".

   With each packet containing 90 capsules (and the daily recommended allowance being between 3 and 4 capsules a day) the pack will last for just short of a month.

   The real benefit of these comes, of course, when used in conjunction with exercise (it is suggested that they are taken on an empty stomach on exercise days before taking part in any physical exertions) and a quick look through the ingredient list throws up a number of names which show why these make a fantastic food supplement. Featuring a small amount of green tea extract too, the most eye-catching of additions include Siberian Ginseng, Raspberry Ketones and White Kidney Bean Extract. Just using these won't mean that a wildly unbalanced diet will be instantly corrected but, when balanced against a mature eating pattern (which I'm headed closer towards despite my sweet tooth indulgences), the tablets have great potential to really help refine one's intake.

   These Total L Carnitine tablets even have a healthy sounding name! They also have the longest intake time of all the food supplements on display here (with 120 tablets per pack with a recommending daily allowance of two tablets up to twice a day taken in between meals). Like the Green Tea extract they are suitable for vegetariasn and free from the usual (bad) suspects plus boast having no added sugar or salt and being GMO free also.

   Like the Green Tea extract too, L Carnitine is known for its powerful antioxidant qualities; it is, however, an amino acid naturally produced in the body - a powerful signifier of the natural benefits it contains.

   These Alpha Men Original tablets are designed for similar purposes to the Thermo product listed above and offer a comprehensive multi-vitamin and mineral supplement.

   Designed specifically for male use, the capsules should be taken at a rate of one per day (the three tablets lasting around a month) and contain 100% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of a number of nutrients including Vitamin A and Iron.

   Again, suitable for vegetarians and with no added salt or sugar. My main qualm with these, however, is the same as the rest of the packets too - once I opened and resealed them (on paper a good idea to keep the vitamins fresh), the packets became almost impossible to open and almost a daily chore to do so. I toyed around with keys, pens and needles when brute strength wouldn't work and, as if being unable to ride a bike or properly swallow tablets (I once again chewed the for the most part) wasn't emasculatory enough for a grown man, my inability to open packets heightened this.

* As mentioned in the article, these products were provided by Mankind .

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