Male Fashion OOTD: Early Spring Clothes

   Ronan Keating once sang: "It's only words and words are all I have to take your heart away". Thankfully, in this multimedia age, I have pictures too.

Glasses: Specspost / Jumper: Primark / Trousers: Humor
Beanie: Catja
   Today's outfit of the day post is focused around creating an ensemble perfect for bridging winter into spring; whilst I'm not fully ready to cast heavy materials to the back of the wardrobe yet, I have began to incorporate brighter colours in to my sartorial compositions to signify the change in the season and (hopefully soon) the weather too.

   For the eagle-eyed amongst you, it's possible to note that I've plumped for a Catja Knitwear beanie hat - a name which may sound familiar to those who read my interviews with Oliver and Catja from the knitting couple on this blog not too long ago (If you're at all interested in ordering a hand-knitted garment or offering sponsorship or investment to the project, remember you can email Catja at ). It was tailor-made both in terms of measurement and colours (to reflect my support of Leeds United Football Club) and I could not be any happier with the result - it's incredibly comfortable, fits like a glove and has been essential for keeping my head warm in the tundra-esque climate blowing across England at the moment.

   I extended the knitwear theme to my jumper and trousers alike - both are weather-appropriate and woollen yet chosen partially for the colour clash. The colours compliment and highlight each other without becoming garish (it was essential, to achieve this, to shy away from anything overly patterned - both of these garments are plain aside from matching coloured flecks). The trousers are a new purchase from the Ark Warhouse sale (written about by Kel Loves here ) and constitute my first purchase from the Humor brand; to say I'm a little keen on them would be an understatement and the fact I got them for £30 instead of £75 makes me even more fond!


  1. Loving the colours here Mr!

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  2. My beau has the very same jumper, great minds. ;) Liking the navy/burgundy combo!


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  3. Love the colour combination!

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  4. I love the trousers.. :)) xx

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    1. I've never really tried coloured trousers before (outside of patterning on darker backgrounds) but I loved these as soon as I saw them!

  5. Fab post! Love the trousers! :-)

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