Korean Movie Giveaway: Planet of Snail

As a treat for readers of The Totality we are proud to announced  a give-away, courtesy of Dogwoof, for one of the most unique movies you are likely to see all year!

  Planet Of Snail is a documentary (which currently boasts a 100% freshness rating at Rotten Tomatoes) about a South Korean couple who are as far away as imaginable from the typical romantic leads who dominate cinema; their story is all the more remarkable and wonderful for it. Young-Chan is a blind and deaf poet who lives for the love of his vertically challenged partner Soon-Ho. Everyday tasks, including changing light bulbs, become Herculean endeavours but, somewhat beautifully, they do everything together, guiding one another through life - slower than the pace most of us live at... but with much more love too.

What Critics Have Said

"Rarely have a screen couple oozed more sincere love and affection than Young-Chan and Soon-Ho... these two halves of one soul seem to be living every day, every hour, every moment to the full. An absolute gem."
- Mark Kermode, The Observer

"Seung-Jun Yi's mesmerizing and lovely documentary Planet of Snail slowly and patiently reveals to us the dimensions of the love story at its center... (Young-Chan and Soon-ho) have full and rich lives of both quotidian daily tasks and art creation and appreciation and, on the evidence of this film, are a good deal more in tune with and attentive to the world they live in than most of us so-called able-bodied folks."
- Christopher Bourne, Twitch Film
"Seung-jun has done a tremendous job of capturing not just a man's strength, but also a couple in genuine love. Planet of Snail is a truly moving documentary that warms the heart."
- Joe Walsh, Cine Vue

"As the film transpires with a Herzogian awe of the peculiarities and wonder of the human soul, Yi Seug-jun's pleasant and kind film unfolds at the same tranquil pace as the lives of the film's leads. Whilst a lesser director would have been tempted to ask for sympathy for the disabled protagonists, Yi recognises and shows us the true essence of Young-Chan and Soon-ho's story. And that is love."
- Me, Here!

How To Enter

To be in with a chance of winning this DVD (which includes the feature alongside bonus features including deleted scenes) all you have to do is:

Either leave a comment below with your email address
Email me at kieronjcasey@googlemail.com with the subject line: "Planet Of Snail Giveaway"

All entries will have their name placed into a hat, with the winner the first name drawn out. One entry per person allowed, UK entrants only. Do feel free, however, of spreading the word!

You can enter up until midnight (GMT) on May 26th with the winner announced (and informed) the next day.

For more information on the movie, which is on sale from May 27th, please click here:

...or check out the film's official Dogwoof site and Facebook page here .

You can also find out more about Dogwoof's collection of wonderful movies by returning to The Totality every day between the 13th and 17th May for daily posts reviewing their titles.


  1. This sounds adorable! I bet you I'll cry buckets D:

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  2. Oh goody! I didn't realise the DVD was out!

    I'll spread the word about the competition. :-)

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  3. Lovely giveaway Kieron! Sounds like a beautiful story.

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    1. I've never seen anything like it to be honest!

  4. I read your full review and it sounds really lovely! :)


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    1. Thanks very kindly for entering!

  5. Sounds like a very unique and interesting movie; would love to review it!

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  6. would love to be entered , thankyou, My email address is fuzzywand@gmail.com

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  8. This sounds like it would be a great movie to watch, I'm really excited to see you offering this. I love Korean tv and movies.


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  9. Wow-sounds so interesting
    Diane Baum

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  10. I would love to see this movie! I hope I win, sounds like an amazing movie.


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  11. It sounds totally awesome this film, I'm just hoping it doesnt try to be overly sentimental and then feel a little forced for it!

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