Molton Brown 4 in 1 Sportswash Review

   Adulthood is one of those things, like alcoholism or bankruptcy, which sneak up on you almost unnoticed; they come gradually until suddenly they're there and impossible to shake.

   Adulthood snuck up on me too; like a person with a drinking problem might start with just the occasional shot of gin or glass of wine before a problem snowballs, I made baby-steps into adulthood (the odd pair of pinstripe trousers here, a burgeoning interest in Sudoku there) before one day I woke up and realised that the halcyon days of watching Hollyoaks omnibuses in my underwear and living exclusively off of Monster Munch were long, long gone.

   Nowadays week day drinking is nearly entirely gone (I have responsibilities), my music tastes have begun to "mature" (I've begun to develop a fondness for Dire Straits) and, most tellingly of all - I simply don't have much time to myself anymore. In between a full-time job, freelance writing, the occasional book and familial responsibilities, I simply don't have the time to lounge around like I used to. Nor, on many days, do I have more than a fifteen minute window to get ready (unless I set my alarm a bit earlier - something which is never going to happen due to how grumpy I get if I don't manage 8 hours sleep per night). This means any minutes or seconds I can save in my day are glorious and sacred to me and, as such, what could be better than a 4-in-1 shower solution from Molton Brown?

   Previously I've always been dubious of utilising any body washes which could also be used as shampoo or conditioner, preferring to use separate products for my body and hair. I'm kinda precious about my flowing Ric Flair/Ashley Schaffer locks. But, as mentioned above, I don't, these days, have the luxury of time to dedicate the hours I would love to in the shower like I used to in my glorious student/unemployed days - as such I bit the bullet and used Molton Brown's 4-in-1 Sportswash which has been tailor-made for use washing hair, body, face and even, if need be, provides a lubricant for shaving.

   My initial thoughts are incredibly positive - the Sportswash is handy, it is time-liberating and the fact that I only have to pack one grooming item for the shower is a fantastic development for me. Like most sports washes the aroma is pleasant and manly (nutmeg and lime are key ingredients in this department), and the product particularly excels as a warmly scented body wash. For a post-shower experience, the product feels gentle on the skin when used as a facewash and is more than perfunctory for a gentle shave (with products like this, I'd recommend they only be used when removing less than a week's growth).

   If I have any gripes with the product it is that it does not do a wonderful job with conditioning but this is something which can be easily combatted with the use of an after-shower product (like everyone's favourite miracle product Moroccanoil). This is only a minor complaint and a 4-in-1 is invaluable for a person like myself with only an incredibly limited of time to get ready. Whilst I may prefer, on days when I pamper myself more, to use a more specialist shaving product , on those days when the clock is ticking away and adulthood means I'm in an almost constant rush, Molton Brown's Sportswash is definitely the choice for me.

* This product was kindly provided by Molton Brown

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