Rhino Skin Armour Review (Anti-Redness Moisturiser)

    Rhino Skin Armour , a (relatively) new skin-care range from RHINO Rugby, have described their products as "a kit bag essential for any weekend warrior."

   Instantly, I wasn't sure if this description ruled myself out of their target audience - I'm a guy who likes to spend his weekends reading academic textbooks, watching Ugly Betty repeats and placing sure-to-fail accumulator bets on football action (curse you Leeds United for always messing up). At best, I'm a coach potato equivalent of a weekend warrior.

   And, on the subject of potatoes, I also spend my Saturdays and Sundays stuffing my face full of too many crisps - Take Me Out and a tube of Cheese & Onion Pringles is my idea of a good time. Ironically it's this, my inflated salt intake, which means that perhaps I was in need of a good moisturiser after all. A bad diet with no skincare regime meant that I'd often have blotchy patches on my face. Perhaps, I thought, it'd be a good idea to try something to combat this?

   Rhino's Skin Armour, in short, is fantastic. I've incorporated it into my daily grooming routine and, after two week's of use, the effects are clear to see. My skin now seldom feels dry and, best of all, the red, irritated patches I would occasionally find either side of my nose have evaporated like my sense of manliness when watching rugby. Ingredient-wise, the Anti-Redness moisturiser ticks all the right boxes including Aloe Vera and Argan Oil and it's the attention to creating an efficient combination which gives the product its power.

   Rhino Skin Armour is available for purchase at Tesco and Amazon - although it retails at the best part of £7 (a price which skin-care rookies such as myself may initially balk at), I must state that only a small amount of moisturiser is needed after every wash meaning that one tube will last for rather a long time and the results are undeniable; certainly worth the cost.

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  1. I got a tube of it tonight in Tesco for €1.76, what a bargain! It's superb, been having trouble with dry flaking itchy eye lids, any other moisturiser I've used stings, this doesnt, and I have instant relief.

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