Blue Suede Shoes: How To Wear

   Blue Suede Shoes. An item of clothing much more synonymous as the subject Elvis Presley sang about as opposed to anything “The King” would actually wear. Or, indeed, any style icon I can recall.

  Suede, as all fashionistas all know, is a notoriously difficult material to look after – like Gremlins you should never get them wet.

    Blue, too, is not a colour which many males sport on their feet either – aside, perhaps, from a handful of footballing minors in possession of overinflated senses of worth. (It’s not too much of a stretch to imagine an eight year old Frank Lampard in a £200 pair of blue football boots diving, spitting and swearing at referees in front of his proud father).

   Yet, the fact of the matter is – when worn correctly, blue suede shoes make an ideal stylish choice of casual leisure-wear.

   These shoes (purchased from, but out of stock at, Topman ) are a great antithesis to black or tan footwear (and long time readers of The Totality will know that I’m a huge proponent of asking men to step outside their colour comfort zone ). They’re, for want of a better word, “quirky” yet inherently classy – they don’t scream “look at me” and they also highlight a certain confidence in the wearer too.

   Blue suede shoes represent the a man who has a clear indication of knowing how he wants to appear and is willing to take a handful of Elvis jokes every time he ventures in public to achieve this.

   Ideally, the aforementioned look won’t consist of blue shoes teamed with any of the following – jeans (blue on blue = a no go), a suit (even Doctor Who would scoff at this) or sports wear (what type of monster would even consider this?) Instead, embrace a smart/leisure look – team with a pair of grey or light trousers and a polo shirt to achieve a laid back summer look. Voila!

   To wrap up this article it should of course be noted, of course, that the worst thing you could possibly do, if you see me sporting these, is stepping on my blue suede shoes.

   Post-script: For a great example of how to wear Blue Suede Shoes, check out this post at Chivalrous .

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